ROUGH CUTT – Rough Cutt Live (Out of print)

ROUGH CUTT - Rough Cutt Live (Out of print) full

Released by a small label in the Nineties, ”Rough Cutt Live” comprises the legacy of live gigs that ROUGH CUTT left behind after broke-up. Paul Shortino & Co. poured through 100% of live tapes and chose the best performances for this CD, and used them “as is” : no over-dubs of any kind. So this is a live CD that REALLY sounds like a live CD.
It’s heavy, it’s screamy and it’s very raw and totally live. The sound quality is very good to our ears, and considering it’s the only ROUGH CUTT live recording available (although out of print now), if you like Rough Cutt, you need this. Fans of Paul Shortino should also check this out as well.

01 – Let ‘Em Talk
02 – Bad Reputation
03 – We Like It Loud
04 – Double Trouble
05 – Black Widow
06 – Take Her
07 – Dreamin’ Again
08 – Dressed To Kill
09 – Cutt Your Heart Out-Rock The USA
10 – Piece Of My Heart
11 – House Of Pain
12 – Prowler
13 – Peyote

Paul Shortino – vocals
Amir Derakh – lead and slide guitar
Chris Hager – lead guitar
Matt Thorr – bass, harmonica
David Alford – drums, backing vocals


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