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ROUGH CUTT (The Perry McCarty Years) – Rhythm Machine (2021) *0dayrox Exclusive*

For those that may not know, in 1987 Paul Shortino decided to leave ROUGH CUTT to join multi platinum recording artist Quiet Riot. This left Rough Cutt looking for a new frontman in order to move forward. After a nationwide search for a new vocalist, the band decided Parramore ‘Perry’ McCarty (ex Warrior / Atomic Playboys) was their man and they entered the studio with legend Ronnie James Dio who produced & recorded some of their new songs.
This new Rough Cutt lineup taped more songs to shop to record labels for a new deal, which never crystallized. Now all these recordings – 17 tracks – are being released for the first time on a CD titled “Rhythm Machine (The Perry McCarty Years)“.
This is killer set of hard rocking songs with a lot of bite, very finely recorded and with a very good sound quality. It’s a shame this album was shelved back in the day, but now we have the chance to hear this terrific slice of classic ’80s American Hard Rock.
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Paul Shortino’s THE CUTT – Sacred Place [Demon Doll reissue 2022] HQ *Only at 0dayrox*

Demon Doll Records & Paul Shortino are at it once again. After the wildly successful releases of Rough Cutt ‘III’, BlueDahlia and Badd Boyz, the two have teamed up once again to reissue THE CUTT’s one and only ass kicking album ”Sacred Place”.
For those not in the know on this project, Paul Shortino’s THE CUTT was formed by Paul & JT Garrett and the album consists of an amazing array of musicians including the likes of ex- Aerosmith guitarist Jimmy Crespo, Night Ranger guitarist Brad Gillis, Heart’s axe-man Howard Leese, as well as Quiet Riot alumni Carlos Cavazo, Sean McNabb & Chuck Wright among others.
What else could a die hard Rock N’ Roll fan ask for?
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ROUGH CUTT – Anthology [2xCD] (2019 release) *0dayrox Exclusive*

ROUGH CUTT not only was one of the most consistent hard rock acts during the 80s, but also one of the most prolific. Despite of officially releasing only two albums in the decade, they composed a lot of material and recorded it with very good quality standards.
As requested, here’s this release by Dead Line / Cleo Recs titled “Anthology“, taking a deep look at ROUGH CUTT’s history. It isn’t a ‘greatest hits’ at all, but a selection of studio recordings, demos, unreleased material and live captures from the vaults – compiled on a spectacular 2-CD set.
We have their very early ’84 recordings, unreleased material from the first album studio sessions, a really good live recording from 1985, and more…


Out of nowhere and after more than two decades, ROUGH CUTT featuring Paul Shortino, Amir Derakh and Matt Thorne are leasing the band’s third album, simply titled “III“. The trio enlisted help from former Quiet Riot and Ratt guitarist Carlos Cavazo to play some lead guitar on some tunes.
Rough Cutt III is composed of songs that were written by the band members when they reunited a few years ago and intended to record new music. I should point out that long-time followers of the band will notice that the tracks “Prowler,” “Peyote” and “House of Pain” were previously available on the Rough Cutt Live album issued in the mid-’90s. That album is now out of print, and adding these bonus studio cuts brings additional value to this release.
Rough Cutt’s comeback not only is a very nice surprise, but also “III” is absolutely awesome, for us already one of the best hard rock of the year 2021…

ROUGH CUTT – Rough Cutt Live (Out of print)

Released by a small label in the Nineties, ”Rough Cutt Live” comprises the legacy of live gigs that ROUGH CUTT left behind after broke-up. Paul Shortino & Co. poured through 100% of live tapes and chose the best performances for this CD, and used them “as is” : no over-dubs of any kind. So this is a live CD that REALLY sounds like a live CD.
It’s heavy, it’s screamy and it’s very raw and totally live. The sound quality is very good to our ears, and considering it’s the only ROUGH CUTT live recording available (although out of print now), if you like Rough Cutt, you need this. Fans of Paul Shortino should also check this out as well.

ROUGH CUTT – Wants You! [Rock Candy remastered]

Fronted by great shouter Paul Shortino, ROUGH CUTT never achieved the commercial success enjoyed by many other L.A. hard rock bands during the ’80s, but their two albums from the era are truly excellent. Rock Candy Records has ‘Remastered & Reloaded‘ both… now it’s time for second effort where Rough Cutt… “Wants You!
For Rough Cutt their career was, in retrospect, all about missed opportunity. As one of the first L.A. based bands to excite the early ’80s scene, and signed to label behemoths Warner Brothers Records, they were expected to feed the flames of a growing interest in hard rock.
Thank goodness for record labels like Rock Candy, because this album – and Rough Cutt’s debut – deserved a proper remaster, but essentially for being available again at a regular price…

ROUGH CUTT – Rough Cutt [Rock Candy remaster]

Although ROUGH CUTT never achieved the commercial success enjoyed by many other L.A. hard rock bands during the ’80s, their two albums from the era are truly excellent. Rock Candy Records has just ‘Remastered & Reloaded‘ both… let’s go with the band’s self-titled “Rough Cutt”.
After rising from the ashes of several San Diego hard rock bands in 1983 (including the pre-Ratt Mickey Ratt), and contributing a few ear-catching tracks to the L.A.’s Hottest Unsigned Bands compilation, the earliest incarnation of Rough Cutt proceeded to be plundered by everyone from Ozzy Osbourne (who snagged guitarist Jake E. Lee), Giuffria (hiring guitarist Craig Goldy) to Ronnie James Dio (who pinched keyboardist Claude Schnell).