ROUGH CUTT – Anthology [2xCD] (2019 release) *0dayrox Exclusive*

ROUGH CUTT - Anthology [2xCD] (2019 release) full

ROUGH CUTT not only was one of the most consistent hard rock acts during the 80s, but also one of the most prolific. Despite of officially releasing only two albums in the decade, they composed a lot of material and recorded it with very good quality standards.
As requested, here’s this release by Dead Line / Cleo Recs titled “Anthology“, taking a deep look at ROUGH CUTT’s history. It isn’t a ‘greatest hits’ at all, but a selection of studio recordings, demos, unreleased material and live captures from the vaults – compiled on a spectacular 2-CD set.
We have their very early ’84 recordings, unreleased material from the first album studio sessions, a really good live recording from 1985, and more…

The Fiddler’s Studio Sessions were recorded before the band’s first album, in 1984. An earlier version of “Try a Little Harder”, with Craig Goldy on guitar, was released on the KLOS 95 1/2: Rock to Riches compilation in 1983.
The song “Prowler” was re-recorded for inclusion on Rough Cutt Live as one of 3 studio bonus tracks. Here’s the original version.
“Dreamin’ Again”, “Try a Little Harder”, “Crank It Up” and “Street Gang Livin'” were all performed live on the ‘Rock Palace’ TV show, taped on January 1, 1984, at the Hollywood Palace, now the Avalon Hollywood.
This double set was released years early by the label, but this reissue has a better output, sounds fuller.
Highly Recommended


1. Take Her
2. Stranger / Dressed To Kill
3. Dreamin’ Again
4. Cutt Your Heart Out
5. You Keep Breaking My Heart
6. Take It Or Leave It
7. Queen Of Seduction
8. Try A Little Harder
9. Crank It Up
10. Prowler
11. Street Gang Livin’
12. Motive For Love
1987 DEMO:
13. Bad Boys
14. Hold On
15. You Want It You Got It


1. Cutt Your Heart Out
2. Kids Will Rock
3. Never Gonna Die
4. Dressed To Kill
5. She’s Too Hott
6. Black Widow
7. Take Her
8. Drum Solo
9. Don’t Settle For Less
10. Try A Little Harder
11. Piece Of My Heart

Paul Shortino – Lead Vocals
Amir Derakh – Guitar
Chris Hager – Guitar
Eddie Cantu – Bass
Dave Alford – Drums and Vocals



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