INNUENDO – Half Empty (2022 reissue)

INNUENDO - Half Empty (2022 reissue) full

American melodic rock / power pop outfit INNUENDO have been around for over 25 years now, always masterminded by composer, guitarist Brett Richey, and faithful to their classic rock sound & style far for the trend of the moment.
Now they are reissuing their out of print sixth album from 2004, “Half Empty” which despite the year packs classic ’80s Melodic Rock with a strong focus on harmony vocals all over the songs and really making every song a memorable, feel-good tune.
Sometimes, INNUENDO’s music even grabs back to the 1970s, with lots of acoustic guitars here and there. Although the band rocks from time to time, somehow their calmer songs are the best songs, such as the beautiful tracks ‘If It’s All the Same to You’ (reminding me of FRANKE AND THE KNOCKOUTS), ‘Right here’ (pure NELSON), “Beautiful Dream” and “Can’t Remember”.

The other songs are more typical rockers like they were made a lot in the 80s with as highlights “30 second smile”, “Ammunition” and “Blind shot”, a bit like REO SPEEDWAGON sometimes, so definitely Classic Rock inspired.
Short songs straight to the point – melodies – catchy refrains & choruses, excellent harmony vocals and a smooth production, makes “Half Empty” a truly enjoyable experience from beginning to end, a ‘complete album listen’, as in the good ‘ol times.
Highly Recommended


01 – Best Thing I Never Had
02 – Tell Me Something I Don’t Already Know
03 – If It’s All the Same to You
04 – Die in Her Car
05 – Right Here
06 – Get in Line
07 – 30 Second Smile
08 – Beautiful Dream
09 – Blind Spot
10 – Can’t Remember
11 – Ammunition
12 – Oh Darling
13 – I Still Think of You

Andy Watts – Vocals, Bass
Brett Richey – Guitar, Keys, Vocals
Michael Whitman – Drums, Vocals



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