INNUENDO – Time Eats Everything [CD version] (2021)

INNUENDO - Time Eats Everything [CD version] (2021) full

Time Eats Everything” is the 9th album of indie american melodic rockers INNUENDO in the band’s 25+ year career. This album is a tour de force example of highly refined songwriting and to hell with the trends – follow your heart.
”Time Eats Everything” is pessimistically hopeful and whole-heartedly sarcastic, from a group of guys who have been around the block a time or two, and wear their scars proudly.
To their traditional sound inspired by ’80s multi-part harmonies melodic rock, radio-friendly power pop, now INNUENDO has added a little ‘edge’ to their sound production. Not ‘heavy’ at all, just a little more punch in the vein of 7th HEAVEN to mention comparison.
‘Time Eats Everything’ is more than worth a listen, and will remind you of the long lost days when bands applied care and craftsmanship to making an album, performing real instruments, and in the case of INNUENDO creating everything by their own, from songwriting to production.

As lush harmonies and mighty beat set things in motion with “Off In The Distance” and Pat Laferty’s soft vocals pour sweetness in this melodic swirl of Richey’s strings and ivories, riffs may be slow to reveal the team’s heavy allure, yet once they do so there’s no going back, and the punchy funk of “Few & Far” leaves the listener riveted to the group’s irresistible, albeit slightly menacing, dynamics.

They can be translucent, as proved by “Better” that Tom Carr’s drums drive through raga curlicues, and muscular, as raging bluesy figures behind “Red Light” suggest, but “low on gasoline” they aren’t for sure, and if “Jimmy Had A Plan” is possessed with swagger and vulnerability in equal measure, the instant classic “Outside The World Looking In” is prone to power balladry.
That’s why, when the elegiac “Taking A Break” brings this journey to a close, one can only hope the ensemble are not going to stop here and now.

How much longer will it take before people realize that INNUENDO is a sensational band. Don’t miss this release if you miss that classic late ’80s US Mainstream Melodic Hard Rock / Pop sound.
Highly Recommended


01 – Off in the Distance
02 – Few and Far
03 – Better
04 – Red Light
05 – Something’s Missing
06 – I Didn’t Know
07 – Jimmy Had a Plan
08 – Circles
09 – Outside the World Looking In
10 – Confidential Information
11 – Taking a Break

Pat Laferty – Vocals
Brett Richey – Guitar, Keys, Bass
Tom Carr – Drums



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