INNUENDO – The Road Not Taken (2017)

INNUENDO - The Road Not Taken (2017) full

Phoenix, Arizona’s own INNUENDO are no newcomers at any point. The band has been in the US indie Rock circuit for more than twenty years and have released their new album “The Road Not Taken“.
This is their seventh record over the past 13 years and I had never heard of them before. A shame that it has taken such a long time for me to discover this very interesting band.

Innuendo delivers ’80s inspired American Mid-Western AOR mixed with commercial, radio-friendly rock&pop from the same era. They have a very warm sound where melodies rule adorned with strong vocal harmonies.

We find a lot of ear-candy, well crafted songs such as the catchy “The other side of town” (bring to mind Franke & the Knockouts), the elegant midtempo title track akin Ambrosia, or the organic ‘Waiting for you’ similar to Dakota circa 1984.

‘Little less grey’ sounds a lot like mid-80s Canadian lite-AOR acts, while ‘Going through the motions’ adds a touch of early ’90s rock&pop.
They offer a very good acoustic / electric ballad in ‘Far be it from me’, truly ‘American classic rock’ in sound.

INNUENDO - The Road Not Taken (2017) back

Sporting a classy production (very fine for an indie) “The Road Not Taken” is very nice collection of songs not only inspired by the ’80-style songwriting & arrangements, but also in terms of sound.
Innuendo is a really interesting band, and I’ll be checking their past work for sure.
Two thumbs up

01 – The other side of town
02 – The road not taken
03 – Waiting for you
04 – Digital ocean (1974)
05 – Little less grey
06 – Don’t take it for granted
07 – Going through the motions
08 – Playing my guitar
09 – Replaced
10 – Almost innocent
11 – Far be it from me

Paul Laferty – vocals
Brett Richey – guitar, bass, keyboards, drums
Tom Carr, Michael Whitman – drums
Jeff Quinones, Steve Shembab – add. keyboards


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