V.A.M.P. – Telephone Love Affair [Digitally Remastered + bonus] (2021) HQ

V.A.M.P. - Telephone Love Affair [Digitally Remastered + bonus] (2021) lossless full

Alongside the Harlot album, Metallic Blue Records are releasing today as well all the ’80s recordings from V.A.M.P. – the name originally used by Harlot – all digitally remastered and officially on CD for the first time, under the title “Telephone Love Affair“.
V.A.M.P. was founded in 1986 and after intense gigs they wrote an album’s worth of songs. In 1988, the band gained interest from Atlantic Records, but they already had a melodic hard rock band into their roster called VAMP.
So A&R and managers told V.A.M.P. if they wanted to have a better chance of signing a deal, they should change their name. The band complied and changed their name to HARLOT, but it was too late and Atlantic was no longer interested.
V.A.M.P. was much more LA glammy melodic hard rock than HARLOT, with some of Cinderella, Britny Fox, early Poison, etc to their sound. All the material the band recorded 1988-90 is comprised here, surprisingly very good in sound quality for an unsigned band.


01 – Telephone Love Affair
02 – I Heard You Cryin’
03 – Addicted
04 – Legends
05 – Civil War
06 – Don’t Do It
07 – I Heard You Cryin’ (Alternate Version)
08 – Vampire
09 – Ready to Rock
10 – Full Time Trouble
11 – Ready to Rock (Live)
12 – Rock On (Live)
13 – Telephone Love Affair (Live)
14 – Addicted (Live)
15 – Legends (Live)
16 – Vampire (Live)

Larry Dee – Lead & Backing vocals
​Kurt Johnson – lead & rhythm guitars, backing vocals
Joanna Madson – keyboards
Tom Askee, Mark Morrison – bass
Dan Medley – drums, backing vocals



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