JOE SATRIANI – The Extremist [Japan Remaster Blue-SpecCD2]

JOE SATRIANI - The Extremist [Japan Remaster Blue-SpecCD2] (2016) full

Finally arrived from Japan my favorite JOE SATRIANI albums from the Legacy Recordings reissue series 2016, remastered and manufactured with the high quality Blu-specCD2 technology.
Considered by many his finest opus, the fantastic “The Extremist” is one of Satriani’s most focused albums ever infested with high quality songs and serves as a benchmark in Joe’s career.

“The Extremist” is a particularly appropriate title for this release, as Satch continues his tradition of exploring new musical ground and the ‘extreme’ guitar sound.
Teaming with famous, legendary producer Andy Johns and aided by talented brothers Bissonette (Gregg, drums and Matt, bass), Satriani’s guitar talent shines through as he delves into the blues (“New Blues”), neo-folk-with-banjo (“Rubina’s Blue Sky Happiness”) or heavy-funk (“Why”).

The album includes as well some concert crowd pleasers, as the super catchy “Summer Song” which has endured as one of Satriani’s best-known songs, a Top10 in Billboard’s Mainstream Rock chart. It was used by Sony in a commercial for the Walkman and later included on the soundtrack to two of Sony’s console video games: Formula 1 (1996) for the PlayStation and Gran Turismo 4 (2004) for the PlayStation 2.

The ultra melodious and sweet “Friends” also did well in the single charts, while the emotional “Cryin” is one of the best instrumental ballads in Rock history.
“Motorcycle Driver” can sometimes be overlooked, and it should not be. It is another rocker with a similar feel to Summer Song that is highlighted by the different lead style.

JOE SATRIANI - The Extremist [Japan Remaster Blue-SpecCD2] (2016) back

Driving, emotional, plenty of slamming riffs and greatly-executed solos but also with a sense for melody and accessibility “The Extremist” is a monster album deserving a towering place in any serious Rock fan collection.
The sound of this Japanese Blu-specCD2 release is simply ‘out of this world’, big, balanced & punchy, taking the last remastering from two years ago, only available in the very limited box set The Complete Studio Recordings.
A Must Have

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Sony Music Japan ~ SICP-30915
Legacy Recordings 【BSCD2】

01 – Friends
02 – The Extremist
03 – War
04 – Cryin’
05 – Rubina’s Blue Sky Of Happiness
06 – Summer Song
07 – Tears In The Rain
08 – Why
09 – Motorcycle Driver
10 – New Blues

Joe Satriani – guitar, Dobro, keyboard, synthesizer, banjo, mandolin, bass (tracks 8, 10), harmonica, arrangements, mixing, production
Phil Ashley – keyboards, synthesized strings, squeezebox
Gregg Bissonette – drums (tracks 1–6, 8, 9)
Bongo Bob – drums (track 8), percussion (track 8)
Simon Phillips – drums (tracks 5, 10), tambourine
Paulinho da Costa – percussion (tracks 2–4, 6, 8, 9)
Jeff Campitelli – cymbals (track 10)
Andy Johns – organ (tracks 2, 9), mixing, production
Brett Tuggle – organ (track 4)
Matt Bissonette – bass (tracks 1–6, 9)
Doug Wimbish – bass (track 5), spoken vocals



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