JOE SATRIANI – Surfing With The Alien [Japan Remaster Blue-spec CD2]

JOE SATRIANI - Surfing With The Alien [Japan Remaster Blue-spec CD2] (2016) full

Finally arrived from Japan my favorite JOE SATRIANI albums from the Legacy Recordings reissue series 2016, remastered and manufactured with the high quality Blu-specCD2 technology. As you may know, Blu-specCD2 format is Sony’s answer to SHM-CD, taking Blu-Ray technology to create CD’s Phase Transition Mastering via blue laser diode cutting (using a different polycarbonate plastic) resulting in a superb sound.
Surfing With The Alien” is the album where I discovered Joe Satriani as solo artist, and I love every bit of it.

“Surfing With The Alien” showcased Joe Satriani’s very unique guitar style & sound to the whole world, his first major exposure world-wide.
There are a lot of different styles on this album like metallic riffs, blues licks and rocking melodies. You also get very emotional songs like ‘Always With Me, Always With You’, and you can get very heavy songs like ‘Satch Boogie’ or ‘Crushing Day’. He uses a vast array of electric guitar techniques like harmonics and two hand tapping on the wonderful ‘Midnight’.

Sure, there are no vocals / lyrics here, but Joe’s amazing guitar playing speaks for itself. You can really see a love story of Joe and his wife Rubina in ‘Always With Me, Always With You’, and in title track ‘Surfing With The Alien’ you easily imagine a sci-fi story.
As bonus track, there’s the excellent ‘The Crush Of Love’, one of my Joe’s favs.

JOE SATRIANI - Surfing With The Alien [Japan Remaster Blue-spec CD2] (2016) back

This album is so awesome it makes my hair stand on end. Satriani is insane with his clever use of the whammy bar and random pinch harmonics throughout the whole album. There’s really no certain style that describes this album entirely.
The sound of this Japanese Blu-specCD2 release is simply ‘out of this world’ (pun intended) taking the last remastering from two years ago, only available in the very limited box set The Complete Studio Recordings.

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Sony Music Japan ~ SICP-30913
Legacy Recordings 【BSCD2】

01 – Surfing With The Alien
02 – Ice 9
03 – Crushing Day
04 – Always With Me, Always With You
05 – Satch Boogie
06 – Hill Of The Skull
07 – Circles
08 – Lords Of Karma
09 – Midnight
10 – Echo
11 – The Crush Of Love (Japan bonus track)

Joe Satriani – guitar, keyboards, drum programming, percussion, bass, arrangements, production
Jeff Campitelli – drums, percussion
Bongo Bob Smith – drum programming, percussion, sound design
John Cuniberti – percussion, engineering, production



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