SLAUGHTER – Fear No Evil [Japanese Edition +1]

SLAUGHTER - Fear No Evil [Japanese Edition +1] full

As requested; SLAUGHTER third album “Fear No Evil” in its Japanese Edition including an exclusive bonus track, and different artwork. Released “Fear No Evil” in 1995 when catchy melodic rock was no longer the “in thing” for the industry, Slaughter paid no attention to trends, and made what many consider their best album.
While listening to this record you’d never have noticed that bands like Alice in Chains and STP were ruling the rock airwaves at the time. Slaughter kicks this baby like it’s 1989 all over again, and essentially ingratiate themselves to people like us for sticking to their guns.
Song-wise this album is their most mature and well-written effort to date, while simultaneously having lots of melodies and some of their heaviest songs.

Songs like “Let the Good Times Roll,” “Searchin’,”, “Yesterday is Gone,” and “Get Used To It” are some of Slaughter’s best, and easily remind people of why these guys achieved the level of respect they did. The latter is really cowbell-heavy bringing to Slaughter origins, and the ’80s of course.
”Breakdown ‘N’ Cry” takes the album into other avenue. This time it’s a blues/ballad with the strong drum beat of Elias and a cleaner guitar sound. The song is almost six minutes long, but doesn’t feel like it.
The classic SLAUGHTER sound effects at the beginning of the songs comes back with “Hard Times,” where several political figures in history are heard talking. This has a chugging guitar and nice melodies.

“Yesterday’s Gone” may be the hidden gem on the album. This song is an acoustic flavored track similar to something Cinderella would put out. The lyrical content by Dana and Mark, using a guy named Jesse, from “nowhere USA,” seems to come from the Jon Bon Jovi songwriting school with an everyday, simple man in the story wanting more in life.

“Fear No Evil” is a varied, strong and entertaining album, easily one of the best rmelodic rockers released in 1995 – the dark ages. The musicianship is solid as ever, showing not only the great songwriting, but it made me realize how underrated the late Tim Kelly was on this album. If you thought SLAUGHTER was just a band with a high-range singer and party songs, this album is the one to listen to that will definitely change your mind, and may convince you why I feel SLAUGHTER was underappreciated.
The collectiveness of musical styles, songwriting, and quality performances, gives this release nothing to fear in letting the listener enjoy a well recorded experience from an act that should get more love.
Highly Recommended


01 – Live Like There’s No Tomorrow
02 – Get Used to It
03 – Searchin
04 – It’ll Be Alright
05 – Let the Good Times Roll
06 – Breakdown n’ Cry
07 – Hard Times
08 – Divine Order
09 – Yesterday’s Gone
10 – Prelude
11 – Outta My Head
12 – Unknown Destination
13 – For Your Dreams

Mark Slaughter – Lead Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards
Dana Strum – Bass, Backing Vocals
Tim Kelly – Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals
Blas Elias – Drums, Percussion, Backing Vocals


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