TUFF – What Comes Around Goes Around [30th Anniversary Remastered reissue] (2021) *0dayrox EXCLUSIVE*

TUFF - What Comes Around Goes Around [30th Anniversary Remastered reissue] (2021) *0dayrox EXCLUSIVE* full

RLS Records has reached a licensing agreement with Rhino Entertainment, a division of Warner Music Group, to remaster and reissue the long-out-of-print album “What Comes Around Goes Around” by famed Los Angeles hair metal / glam rockers TUFF, featured in exclusive here at 0dayrox.
The reissue of the 1991 classic comes in both vinyl and CD format and features all ten original songs remastered by Paul Tavenner.
“What Comes Around Goes Around” initially sold in excess of over one hundred thousand copies on the strength of the smash hit single “I Hate Kissing You Goodbye” reaching No. 3 on MTV’s highly rated “Dial MTV” as well as songs like “So Many Seasons” and “All New Generation”.
Since that time, the album has been highly sought after by 1980s-era rock fans and collectors, at times fetching over $100 for a CD and upwards of $200 for the vinyl on online auction sites.
Definitely one of the very last f-i-n-e and f-u-n releases from the classic hair-metal era.

Once hailed as the next big thing on the glam/hair/hard rock circuit, TUFF originally released “What Comes Around Goes Around” on May 14, 1991 featuring production by Grammy Award-winning producer Howard Benson (Santana, Motörhead, Bang tango). So this is a true 30th Anniversary reissue.
“When I was asked to produce TUFF, I wasn’t sure what to expect,” recalls Benson. “What I got was four extremely hard-working, serious musicians that made a great piece of art. TUFF singer Stevie Rachelle always wrote from the heart and the band slayed on each track. I am very proud of that record and consider it one of my best from that era.”

Rachelle is thrilled to see “What Comes Around Goes Around” reissued as well. “I am excited to say that after three decades, the TUFF debut will see an official reissue via RLS Records courtesy of the fine folks over at Rhino Entertainment and Warner Music Group,” he said.
TUFF has hopes of putting together some live show dates to celebrate the album’s reissue.

Unfortunately “What Comes Around Goes Around” was released a couple of years too late in terms of release date vs. selling figures since the ‘alternative’ wave was just around the corner and they had to put up with the coming of the oh-so grungy stuff.
TUFF had been playing the classic Sunset Strip for several years though as the history of the band dates back to the mid-Eighties. They had a sort of different line-up in those days.

The following lads completed the ‘What Comes Around Goes Around’ line-up in 91′: Stevie Rachelle (vocals), Jorge DeSaint (guitars), Michael Lean (drums), and founder Todd ‘Chase’ Chaisson (bass) – whose family has a bloodline of name rock bassist’s (Greg Chaisson in BADLANDS, and Kenny Chaisson in KEEL).
Original? perhaps not at times, but it’s a catchy, fun record, blessed with a lot of attitude. Simply check out the ultra wicked strut of ‘Spit Like This’.

DeSaint’s guitar style was inspired by CC DeVille and that’s definitely not a big surprise while Rachelle’s voice surprisingly isn’t very close to Bret, instead he sounded like a cross of Alice Cooper and Bonfire’s Claus Lessmann.
There’s great tracks here, from the uptempo opener of “Ruck A Pitt Bridge” with a smart funky groove fader at 3:00; the commercial Poison-like “The All New Generation” to the relaxing acoustical-driven rock of “So Many Seasons”.

Of course we have a huge power ballad, “Wake Me Up”, which was co-written with Bret Michaels and perhaps better than their biggest single, “I Hate Kissing You Goodbye”. Then we find the exhilarating Motley-fueled track, “Good Guys Wear Black”.

“What Comes Around Goes Around [30th Anniversary Remastered reissue]” is really welcomed, as few albums represents the Sunset Strip last glory days like this one.
HIGHLY Recommended

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01 – Ruck a Pit Bridge (2021 Remaster)
02 – The All New Generation (2021 Remaster)
03 – I Hate Kissing You Good-Bye (2021 Remaster)
04 – Lonely Lucy (2021 Remaster)
05 – Ain’t Worth a Dime (2021 Remaster)
06 – So Many Seasons (2021 Remaster)
07 – Forever Yours (2021 Remaster)
08 – Wake Me Up (2021 Remaster)
09 – Spit Like This (2021 Remaster)
10 – Good Guys Wear Black (2021 Remaster)

Stevie Rachelle (vocals)
Jorge DeSaint (guitars, backing vocals)
Todd ‘Chase’ Chaisson (bass, backing vocals)
Michael Lean (drums)



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