ENEMY INSIDE – Seven (2021)

ENEMY INSIDE - Seven (2021) full

Germany-based female fronted ENEMY INSIDE are about to release their new album “Seven” through ROAR! Rock Of Angels Records. ”Seven” was deeply inspired by the seven deadly sins, but not about the Christian tradition but more about calling today’s society into question .
There’s a dark, kinda sinister aura to ENEMY INSIDE’s music, but this is a very melodic, modern combo with sticky choruses and certain 80/90s rock&pop feel benefited by short, effective running time songs.

Recorded and produced by the band’s guitarist Evan K in Germany, and mixed / mastered by Henrik Udd in Gothenburg, Sweden, the sound of the album is built on the band’s biggest assets: a rich ensemble of melodies, hooklines, lead guitar harmonies, and overarching the powerful voice of Nastassja Giulia.
Opener “Crystallize” sets the stage: powerful guitar riffs, catchy choruses but with enough twists, and the vocals that go with the notes and give the song an extra lift.

Nastassja Giulia has a great diversity in her voice and the band takes full advantage of it to mix things up. “Alien” serves as excellent example for that: it has another infectious chorus section though, but the sound is very different with the break halfway through the track compared to “Crystallize”.
“Release Me” is one of the three single releases where the melodies are a bit measured, the tempo is slightly slower than midtempo, and the song pretty straightforward. Highlight are the lead guitars that give the track something extra.

“Break Through” and “Black Butterfly” are those songs where ENEMY INSIDE slow rocking things a bit down and include orchestral elements. The verse section of “Break Through” is driven by pianos and violins while the guitars kick in during the chorus sections. The vocals on this track are once more outstanding and show the talent of Nastassja.
“Black Butterfly” has also lite symphonic elements which are here in the background and provide a great atmosphere for the song.

Title track “Seven” starts with very powerful and heavy riffs, and a slow, head-banging rhythm. There’s over the top vocals and great guitar work all over.
There are a few songs on the album which show the musical inspirations of ENEMY INSIDE. The album actually has not a weak song, no repetitive elements. ENEMY INSIDE understand it perfectly to mix things up, to include a lot of variations in their sound and in the melodies, and especially Evan K and Dave Hadarik on the guitars do a great job by providing a rich diversity in riffing and lead guitar solos.
The final song is a cover of the 90s Jennifer Paige hit “Crush”, which comes with the very own arrangement of ENEMY INSIDE.

“Seven” has all the ingredients of a strong, melodic modern metal album: great melodies and harmonies, catchy choruses, powerful and dynamic riffing, playful lead guitar solos, and outstanding vocals.
The album is very diverse in sound with focused songwriting, and very well produced. With their new album, ENEMY INSIDE show that they are ready for the next step forward in becoming a serious force in female fronted rock.
Highly Recommended


01 – Crystallize
02 – Alien
03 – Release Me
04 – Break Through
05 – In My Blood
06 – Bulletproof
07 – Seven
08 – Black Butterfly
09 – Black And Gold
10 – Dynamite
11 – Crush

Nastassja Giulia (Vocals)
Evan K (Lead Guitar)
David Hadarik (Rhythm Guitar)
Dominik Stotzem (Bass)
Feli Keith (Drums)


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