MARK PEACE THOMAS – Rock Star Delusion (2021)

MARK PEACE THOMAS - Rock Star Delusion (2021) full

MARK PEACE THOMAS is a recording artist, singer / songwriter who has covered many musical styles, recorded ad singles, and worked as session musician. But he’s a rocker at heart, and on his new album ”Rock Star Delusion”, Mark decided to go back to his roots: hard rock.
“Metal was the music that helped me survive my awkward teen years.” Mark explained: “The mystique and bravado of KISS, the musicianship and lyrics of Rush, the dark humor of Alice Cooper and all the awesome British Metal made me feel as if I was invincible.”
So isn’t strange to hear Bruce Kulick appearing as guest guitarist on one track, as the music on ”Rock Star Delusion” brings to mind several Kulick past projects / bands.

Mark released his first original recordings as “DJ Peace” with a genre busting song collection including Dance, Rap, Rock, R&B and Reggae. Some friends would ask him why he was “wasting his time.” One relative even asked “who the f*** are you?” as Thomas passionately promoted his original music.
His travel buddy started to call him “delusional” which Peace found amusing since he was simply having fun on his own terms.
Ironically, those who offered their discouragement gave him the idea for “Rock Star Delusion”: write and recording an album with the genre he loves: hard rock.

This is simple, pretty catchy Eighties-inspired US rock n’ roll with catchy riffs, and while self-managed, it’s well rounded and produced.
There’s some extra tracks with Mark remixing in ‘rock mode’ some of his older songs, but what is really interesting is his true ‘rock facet’ on the album’s main 10 tracks.


01 – Rock Star Delusion
02 – Green (Runs the Machine)
03 – Gmos and Isis
04 – Cruise Control – featuring Bruce Kulick
05 – Honey, You Look Good Tonight – feat. Marielle Montellano
06 – S.O.N.D.I. (Love You)
07 – Can’t Forget You
08 – Do I Have to Say It Again? (Duet Version)
09 – Your Mind Denies
10 – Ho Said No (2021 Metal Mix)
11 – (Watch out for The) Gold Digger [2021 Mix]
12 – Cowgirl Free (2021 Mix) – featuring Vanessa Bryan
13 – Green (Runs the Machine) [Musician Mix]
14 – Cruise Control (Musician’s Mix)
15 – Rock Star Delusion (Musician’s Mix)

Mark Peace Thomas – lead vocals, guitar
Vanessa Bryan – lead vocals
Vanessa Bryan – lead vocals
Marielle Montellano – lead vocals
Bruce Kulick – guitar
Arnie Vilches – guitar
Michael Greenfield – guitar
The Harbingers – full band



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