MYSTERY – Live Life Loud (2021)

MYSTERY - Live Life Loud (2021) full

After a long break, Australian melodic hard rockers MYSTERY now announce their return with their 3rd studio album “Live Life Loud“, mixed and mastered by Alex Vaulin (EMERALD MIND). Founded in 2010 by guitarist and singer Rocky Ravic at a very young age, they were very quickly on top of the ladder of success around the globe.
Their debut album “2013” from that very year was promoted with tours, gigs and festivals all over the world sharing stage with bands like MÖTLEY CRÜE, MOTÖRHEAD, IRON MAIDEN, TWISTED SISTER, MEGADETH, CHEAP TRICK and several more. The band became known as the youngest band ever to tour the whole world. They released a second album in 2014 again with heavy touring.
Well, MYSTERY took seven years for their 3rd effort. The young kids matured, and so their sound and skills, but what didn’t changed is the band’s love for anthemic, stadium-sized massive choruses.

There’s and intense melodic rock anthem in ‘Rock Revolution’, a huge tune with lots of backing vocals, a killer ’80s melody in ‘To My Knees’, strong muscle to ‘Lust Control’, and a solid midtempo ballad on ‘All We Need Tonight’ with pionos providing an AOR feel.
‘Tear Down The Walls’ makes justice to its title, and the guys rock even hard with, ‘I’m Just Into You’, and if you need a Scandi influenced melodic hard rocker then play ‘A Different Side Of Me’.

Different and a bit Def Leppard-esque is midtempo ‘Count On Me’ plenty of nice harmonies, more punchier and a little sleazier is ‘You Think You Know’ (Shotgun Messiah anyone?), on ‘Leave Me In The Dark’ the guitar solo is to be played into an arena, while the guys end the album with the properly titled ‘Nuke Em High’.

“Live Life Loud” showcases a more mature MYSTERY, with better songwriting and the knack for 80s melodic hard rock intact. They try here something different with the vocals, not only into the choruses, but on most the verses the leads are multi-tracked to get a lively effect.
There’s some great songs here, very very good songs.
HIGHLY Recommended


01. Rock Revolution
02. To My Knees
03. Lust Control
04. All We Need Tonight
05. Tear Down The Walls
06. I’m Just Into You
07. A Different Side Of Me
08. Count On Me
09. You Think You Know
10. Leave Me In The Dark
11. Nuke Em High

Rocky Ravic – Vocals, guitar
Oscar Hauke – Bass
Duje Ivic – Keyboards
Emily Car – Drums


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