PENTAKILL III : Lost Chapter [Jorn Lande & Noora Louhimo on lead vocals] (2021)

PENTAKILL III : Lost Chapter [Jorn Lande & Noora Louhimo on lead vocals] (2021) full

PENTAKILL is the ‘virtual’ band from the creative minds of those at Riot Games, the creators of League Of Legends, the video game for which Pentakill was to provide music. However, there’s actual musicians used in the recording process. Namely, renowned vocalist Jorn Lande, Noora Louhimo of Battle Beast, Tommy Lee of Motley Crue, and more.
This is the third Pentakill album for the series: “III : Lost Chapter“, where Jorn’s voice take the centre role. And kills. One could almost pretend it’s another Jorn solo release. Almost.
This record is a varied, wonderful expression of hard rock, melodic metal, with touches of power, orchestral and epic more than anything else.

The winning card of Pentakill is that the vocals and the band are in sync and on fire. This does not sound like a ‘virtual’ act at all, songwriting is strong and as said, varied, entertaining.
While there’s other vocalists involved, “III : Lost Chapter” is Jorn’s game. He’s the star here, and it shows with terrific performances. We find two duets with Noora Louhimo and both are highlights.

It’s really impressive the names that Riot Games have managed to gather together for “III : Lost Chapter” and you’d expect nothing less than quality from the individuals involved.
Highly Recommended


01 – Lost Chapter (feat. JORN LANDE)
02 – Predator (feat. Tre Watson & Telle)
03 – Edge of Night (feat. JORN LANDE)
04 – Gathering Storm (feat. JORN LANDE, Noora Louhimo)
05 – Conqueror (feat. Tre Watson & Telle)
06 – Executioner’s Calling (feat. JORN LANDE & Tre Watson)
07 – Stormrazor (feat. Noora Louhimo)
08 – Aftershock (feat. Tre Watson)
09 – Last Stand (feat. JORN LANDE)
10 – Redemption (feat. JORN LANDE & Noora Louhimo)
11 – Lightbringer (Acoustic) (feat. JORN LANDE)



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