GAMMA RAY – 30 Years Live Anniversary (2021)

GAMMA RAY - 30 Years Live Anniversary (2021) full

Germany’s power / melodic metal institution GAMMA RAY celebrated their anniversary in 2020. Despite not being able to fill a hall with devoted fans like they usually do due to covid-restrictions, they decided to put on a hell of a show at the ISS Dome in Duesseldorf, Germany, brought band and fans together via Live-Stream.
Now it’s all available via “30 Years Live Anniversary“, where the band founded by Kai Hansen delivers fresh version of their classics, performed with energy and passion, and perfectly recorded, mixed & produced.

With ‘Avalon’ and ‘Master of Confusion’ two songs from the latest studio album ‘Empire of the Dead’ have been presented in the top half of the set before the bottom part took care about the earlier days.
With ‘Lust For Life’ no less than Ralf Scheepers, the first Gamma Ray frontman, joined and enriched classics like ‘One With the World’ and the legendary ‘Heading for Tomorrow’ with his great voice.

And if you wonder why you hear fans in-between songs, the answer is rather simple. Of course, due to the pandemic there wasn’t any audience in the room. Gamma Ray asked fans though to scream and shout at home while watching the streaming event and later sent in the files.
These files became part of this release, help to create a live atmosphere and is a nice idea to connect fans and band for such an anniversary.

’30 Years Live Anniversary’ is a great summary of what Gamma Ray achieved in three decades, an album that features classics of German metal from a band that surely belongs to the spearhead of the genre.
Highly Recommended


CD 1:
01 – Induction
02 – Dethrone Tyranny
03 – New World Order
04 – Avalon
05 – Master of Confusion
06 – Empathy
07 – Rebellion in Dreamland
08 – Land of the Free

CD 2:
01 – Lust for Life
02 – One with the World
03 – The Silence
04 – Armageddon
05 – Heading for Tomorrow
06 – Send Me a Sign

Kai Hansen – Guitars, Vocals
Dirk Schlächter – Bass
Henjo Richter – Guitars
Michael Ehré – Drums
Frank Beck – Vocals
Ralf Scheepers – guest Vocals


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