MIDNIGHT PHANTOM – L.A. Nights (2021)

MIDNIGHT PHANTOM - L.A. Nights (2021) full

MIDNIGHT PHANTOM are a two man hard rock / hair metal project from Hannover, the German epicentre of ’80s hard rock, consisting of Christian Heimbucher and Stephan Wsintek. Heimbucher is responsible for all instruments as well as songwriting while Wsintek takes care of main vocal duties and melody writing.
Inspired by their hometown heroes Scorpions as well as other ’80s bands such as Def Leppard, Bon Jovi, Van Halen, they startet Midnight Phantom in 2018 with songs Christian had written and produced over the previous years.
While their music is a homage to the late Eighties – the album’s title speaks if itself: ”L.A. Nights”, MIDNIGHT PHANTOM aren’t in it for nostalgia, they really love this musical genre (US glammy hard rock / hair metal) and add their own touch, at places quite edgy, heavier.
Overall, their sound is between DOKKEN, ICON, AUTOGRAPH, and QUIET RIOT.

Stephan and Christian started making music together in 1996, when Stephan asked Christian to join his school band Prickly Sculpin. Over the years they played together in several local bands, ranging from Metal, Hard Rock, and Prog.
”L.A. Nights” shows the duo in full 80s melodic hard rock / hair mode with big choruses, soaring guitar work, high register vocals and tongue-in-cheek lyrics. And there’s room for classic power ballads too, of course.

”L.A. Nights” is exciting and sometimes frantic with some guitar riffs that makes the fan bang the head at large. Intense and catchy choruses, sharp guitar solos, and a singer that actually sings. The album’s title track pretty much explains what ”L.A. Nights” is musically, and the time Midnight Phantom belong at heart.
At places programmed drums (however most are actual drums) results a bit annoying, but the guys compensate with their attitude and strong guitars/vocals.
This is fun, catchy, well written American glammy hard rock / hair metal, and if you are fan you’ll love ”L.A. Nights”.
Highly Recommended


01 – When The Night Comes
02 – Sting Attack
03 – Race Called Today
04 – One Time One Life
05 – The Mask
06 – Shine On
07 – Steps
08 – Behind My Pride
09 – Black Panther
10 – Chaos In Motion
11 – God
12 – L.A. Nights
13 – Push It To The Limit
14 – I’ve Seen The Bird
15 – Gallery In Mind

Stephan Wsintek: Lead & Backing Vocals
Christian Heimbucher: Guitar, Bass, Drums, Progamming, Keys, Backing Vocals



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