JULLIET – Passion (recorded 1989) Digitally Remastered reissue (HQ)

JULLIET - Passion (recorded 1989) Digitally Remastered reissue (HQ) full

After featuring here in exclusive the remastered reissue of US melodic hard rockers JULLIET self-titled album, as requested here’s JULLIET‘s first album ”Passion”. The band fronted by Kenny McGee recorded ”Passion” in the late ’80s co-produced by Kevin Dubrow (he did backing vocals as well), and also Quiet Riot drummer Frankie Banali play on all tracks here.
However Julliet’s label decided to shelve the recording and asked the band for a new set of songs and the result was the self-titled “Julliet” released in 1990. As the album sold pretty well, Enigma Records decided to finally release ”Passion” in 1991.
Long time out of print, ”Passion’ finally got this reissue / remaster in 2000’s. ”Passion” is a bit harder than the band’s self-titled CD, rocking, and with the terrific drumming of the late Banali (RIP)

Formed in Tampa, Florida in 1985, Julliet performed their unique brand of melodic hard rock to capacity crowds throughout the southern United States before relocating to the rock capital of Los Angeles in early 1988.
Once in California, the band gained a strong and loyal following, selling out show after show and earning a reputation as a powerful live band. One year to the day after they left the sunshine state, Julliet signed their deal with Enigma Records.

At the time of relocating to LA, the band had been closely in touch with Kevin Dubrow of Quiet Riot. Kevin became interested in working with the group and produced this first Julliet album entitled “Passion”. Kevin enlisted the talent of Quiet Riot drummer Frankie Banali to play drums on the album as well.
Despite the heavyweight association of Quiet Riot and the solid nature of the material, the album was shelved by the label and not released until two years later.

While playing off the “sleaze glam” vibe of many of their contemporaries, the band also managed to mix in some serious AOR chops and showed early on their willingness to diversify their sound by including subtle experimentation with electronics.
The album went on to sell 300,000 copies despite the poor distribution it suffered, but unable to transition to a larger label prior to the grunge wave, the group was lost in the shuffle and disbanded.

Musically more hard rocking, ”Passion” includes some terrific songs with strong songwriting and very good musicianship, cool hooks and huge backing vocals. It’s very ’80s in essence, well produced and arranged.
Highly Recommended


01. Love Hungry Man
02. Lost and Lonely
03. Boys Will Be Boys
04. I’m No Angel
05. Baby Blue
06. Any Time You Want Me
07. Mind Over Matter
08. Still, I’m Dreaming
09. She’s So Shy

Kenny McGee – vocals
Jimmi Delisi – guitars
Ty Westerhoff – bass
Frankie Banali – drums
Kevin DuBrow – background vocals, producer



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