BILL QUATEMAN – Just Like You [Remastered CD reissue +3]

BILL QUATEMAN - Just Like You [Remastered CD reissue +3] full

As requested, here we have ”Just Like You”, the 1979 album by American BILL QUATEMAN for the first time on CD remastered and including previously unreleased material. Perhaps Bill’s name isn’t familiar for some, but the guy, signed by a major label sold a lot of albums / singles in the second half of the ’70s and he was ready for stardom when he said… ”no more”.
What do you do when you’ve had two major record contracts and the suits who sit behind the big desks want you to be something you are not? Sadly, most recording acts, being so hungry for that elusive hit single would be asking what kind of hair cut they should get and how they could alter their sound to grab better demographics.
But for an artist of integrity like Bill Quateman, the answer was pretty simple. He adhered to William Shakespeare’s words — “to thine own self be true” — and promptly said “hasta la vista, baby!” to both Columbia and RCA Records when they began to squeeze him.
It’s a strange case in the music business, especially considering QUATEMAN’s music on ”Just Like You” is already highly commercial late ’70s FM radio rock, AOR / West Coast, Soft Rock, with the likes of TOTO’s Steve Porcaro & David Hungate, Buzz Feiten, James Newton Howard, Michael McDonald, etc at his service recording here…


01 – Didn’t Have the Heart (Remastered)
02 – One Night in the Heat (Remastered)
03 – I Want to Be Known (For the Way I Love You) [Remastered]
04 – Just Like You (Remastered)
05 – And the Night Goes on Forever (Remastered)
06 – It’s Alright (Remastered)
07 – Judging by the Light (Remastered)
08 – You’re so Heavy (Remastered)
09 – Nobody’s Fool (Remastered)
10 – On the Boardwalk (Remastered)
11 – Love Beyond Reason [Remastered]
12 – Just Like That [Remastered]
13 – That’s the Way I See It [Remastered]

Bill Quateman – vocals, guitar, piano
Buzz Feiten – guitars, backing vocals
Jeff Baxter – guitar
Neil Larsen – electric piano, piano, organ
John Jarvis – piano
James Newton Howard – synthesizer
Steve Porcaro – bass, programming
David Hungate – bass
Rick Shlosser – drums
Lenny Castro – percussion
Steve Madaio – horn arrangements
David Campbell – string arrangements
Michael McDonald, Valerie Carter, Venetta Fields, Julia Tillman – backing vocals



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