LILLIAN AXE – Psalms For Eternity (2022)

LILLIAN AXE - Psalms For Eternity (2022) full

LILLIAN AXE are releasing a 3-disc career spanning anthology album titled ”Psalms For Eternity”, a pack bringing together for the first time tracks from all previous Lillian Axe releases in one comprehensive anthology.
All tracks that feature here were selected by guitarist Steve Blaze himself, who added in several bonus unreleased tracks, making this an essential part of the Lillian Axe discography. The album has been put together with a loosely thematic approach, CD1 is ‘Earth’, CD2 is ‘Sky’ and CD3 is ‘Sea’.
A brand new Lillian Axe album ‘From Womb To Tomb’ will be released in late Summer 2022!

‘Psalms For Eternity’ is sure to be welcomed by the band’s army of fans ahead of the new album release – Lillian Axe maintain a loyal following worldwide and tour frequently. Steve Blaze was recently personally inducted into the Louisiana Music Hall of Fame, the band had already become the first hard Rock act to be accorded this honour in 2010.

Steve himself describes the release: “We are very excited to be releasing a 3CD anthology entitled “Psalms for Eternity.” We tried diligently to give a comprehensive overview of our history in a unique fashion.
The first CD, Earth, will contain one of the most well-known songs from each studio albums. The second, Sky, will contain a deep track from each, and the third, Sea, will contain a ballad from each album.
There will also be a bonus track on each one as well. The artwork is phenomenal and represents a type of time capsule which would represent Lillian Axe as best as possible if someone came upon it in a thousand years.”
Highly Recommended release.


01. Death Comes Tomorrow
02. 47 Ways to Die
03. Jesus Wept
04. Waters Rising
05. Death Valley Daze
06. Crucified
07. True Believer
08. Show A Little Love
09. Misery Loves Company
Bonus Track:
10. Angel Among Us

01. The Great Divine
02. Under The Same Moon
03. Nocturnal Symphony
04. I Have To Die, Goodbye
05. Twilight In Hell
06. Stop The Hate
07. Living In The Grey
08. All’s Fair In Love And War
09. Waiting In The Dark
Bonus Track:
10. Perfect Blue

01. Bow Your Head
02. Deep Red Shadows
03. Sad Day On Planet Earth
04. Fields of Yesterday
05. When It Rains
06. The Needle of Your Pain
07. See You Someday
08. Ghost of Winter
09. Nobody Knows
Bonus Track:
10. The Weeping Moon



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