WOLFMOTHER – Rock Out (2021)

WOLFMOTHER - Rock Out (2021) full

For Australian classic hard rockers WOLFMOTHER it’s time to ”Rock Out” again. The fog has lifted from a few years of Covid restrictions to bringeth the creation of ”Rock Out”, their new album all recorded in the home studio of vocalist / guitarist Andrew Stockdale and Bangalow Plaza Studios.
At the helm of this three piece, Andrew Stockdale’s unique vocals are reminiscent of an early Ozzy crossed with a bit less harsh version of Bon Scott, and his guitar playing has a Black Sabbath vibe, Seventies classic rock.
Basically, Wolfmother is no joke. For all the purists and jaded rock ‘n’ roll fans out there, go pick up the album, you will not be disappointed.

Since the Australian group’s self-titled debut in 2005, Stockdale has written songs that are magnificently generic — a stew of vintage rock influences in which listeners can hear almost anything they want.
Just as an arena is built to hold anyone and everyone, Wolfmother’s arena-rock is designed to contain everything that inspires it.

On ”Rock Out” the songs are short, sharp and punchy, yet peppered with the right concentration of complexity to keep your attention. Add in Stockdale’s screaming vocals, gargantuan riffs and the lyrics dripping in imagery; it’s a stark reminder of how good Wolfmother can be doing classic rock.

With ten tracks where only a few cross the four-minute mark, nothing outstays its welcome and they’ve been crafted in such a way that you don’t wish anything was longer. It’s obvious Stockdale was on a mission; determined to make a statement like Wolfmother did when it appeared out of the ether.
If classic rock with touches of hard, glam, ’70s arena-style is your thing ”Rock Out” will please you with its economic and effective 31 minutes.
Highly Recommended


01 – Feelin’ Love
02 – Rock Out
03 – Upload
04 – Humble
05 – Only Way
06 – Metal & Fire
07 – Outside
08 – Mantle
09 – Ego
10 – Walking

Andrew Stockdale – vocals, guitar
Hamish Rosser – drums
Bobby Poulton – bass, keyboards


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