JOHNNY JETSON (Tattooed Millionaires) – Overheated (2021)

JOHNNY JETSON (Tattooed Millionaires) - Overheated (2021) full

The once and future Tattooed Millionaires frontman JOHNNY JETSON returns with a solo album titled “Overheated“, a record that since its cover artwork of neon lights pay tribute to the glorious era of snarly glam. Jetson’s trick is to wrap his decadent, sleazy diatribes around pop hooks so good you can’t escape ’em.
What you get from Jetson in 2021 is ten songs from a true Rock and Rolla he walks the walk and talks the talk and has stayed true to what playing in his heart there are influences ranging from the 70s Bolan, The Sweet, Hanoi Rocks, etc, but vintage Alice Cooper is obviously an inspiration too.

Jetson never sold out and neither has he pandered to what’s on point, in vogue or politically correct. As long as the earth is spinning and he has strings on his guitar he’s gonna play.
The album sounds like he is in a really good place and has hit a fine vein of writing. He manages to keep his chosen calling sound fresh and vibrant on this ten-track album – never boring, and there are no slushy ballads, just cool rock n’ rollers.

Johnny Jetson forges the prototype sound of the ideal rock n’ roll band; the kind that you fantasized about, playing in your garage or bedroom while growing up… when you still played six-stringed instruments, and not keyboard pads on tablet computers, laptops or pc’s.
Very Recommended


01 – I Gotta Get Through
02 – Light ’em Up
03 – Shine You Up
04 – American Knight
05 – Shadows on the Moon
06 – Rock’n’Roll Girl
07 – Turn It Out
08 – Overheated
09 – Sunday After Church
10 – Rodney On The Rock

All vocals & instruments by Johnny Jetson except:
Drums and Percussion by Adam Hamilton


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