BLUE MOUNTAIN Swe – Karma Alarm (2021)

BLUE MOUNTAIN - Karma Alarm (2021) full

BLUE MOUNTAIN is the new Swedish melodic rock / AOR collaboration between vocalist Hans Birger Andersson (Fatal Smile, Token, et all) and members of the band Angeline which already surprised us with their debut EP ‘One’ some months ago.
We were eager to listen more and hoping they continue as a band and the guys did it: ”Karma Alarm” is the full length debut album of BLUE MOUNTAIN, a terrific collection of classic Scandinavian melodic hard rock plenty of hooks and harmonies, wrapped by a pristine production.

All songs were composed by Anderson and Angeline’s guitarist Joachim Nilsson, obviously embedded with the feeling from their own bands, but the aim was to obtain the sound from the classic Scandinavian era from the genre too.
Mission accomplished: this is bright, fresh 10-track set of melodic, timeless rocking tunes. Andersson is a terrific vocalist and here performs with passion the musical style he loves. There’s a sense of joyfulness all over the recording, and it’s palpable the guys really enjoyed working on this project.

We find catchy, groovy melodic rockers with a bouncy rhythm, soaring vocals, strong guitar work – Dan Stomberg from cult Swedish melodic rockers Madison drops a guest guitar solo too – and at places embellished with smooth AORish touches.

There’s a rare chemistry between these seasoned musicians, and “Karma Alarm” is just another proof that timeless quality rock music is alive and kickin’.
Classy stuff, Highly Recommended


01. A New Approach
02. Before The Storm
03. Tell The World
04. Scars 4 Life
05. Anticipating Love
06. The Karma Alarm
07. City Of Dreams
08. Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark
09. Northern Lights & Silverlining
10. State Of Awareness

Hans Birger Andersson (Fatal Smile, Token) – Vocals
Joachim Nilsson (Angeline) – Guitars
Ulf Nilsson (Angeline) – Bass
Torbjorn Jonsson (Angeline) – Drums
Dan Stomberg (Madison) – guest Guitar solo



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