TAAGE – Carpe Diem (2021)

TAAGE - Carpe Diem (2021) full

Taage Laiho is a versatile Finnish rock singer who performs heavy music in both Finnish and English language, an experienced singer who has been part of many bands including Ghost Machinery and Mad Hatter’s Den who received international exposure. A singer’s coach as well, Taage helped to a lot of Scandinavian singers to improve their skills.
Now TAAGE is releasing his new solo album “Carpe Diem“, featuring songs co-written with his long time collaborator guitarist Riitis, and including as guest musician friends he met all over his career.
While the song lyrics are in Finnish which limits its international appeal, we are featuring “Carpe Diem” here at 0dayrox because we really liked the musical orientation; this is Scandi melodic rock / AOR with smooth melodies, classy keys / synths, atmospheric midtempo tunes and yeah, Taage’s voice is very good.


01 – Kultarippeet
02 – Carpe Diem
03 – Mitä rakkaudesta maksetaan
04 – Kurimus
05 – Mailia monta miljoonaa
06 – Elävien kirjoihin
07 – Veren maku
08 – Jerusalem
09 – Dollarihymy
10 – Toiseen maailmaan
11 – Varjoista maan
12 – Tyhjä huone
13 – Järki jäätyy

Taage (vocals)
Riitis (guitars, keys)
Jay Lewis (bass)
Lacu Lahtinen (drums)
Daffy Terävä (guitar)
Daffy Terävä (guitar)
Päivi Lepistö (vocals)
Juha Kinnunen (keys)
Ali Ahmaniemi (piano)
Tuomas Riihimäki (Hammond & add. keys)
Jay Lewis, Klaus Wirzenius, Vince Boncamper (bkg vocals)



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