AMBROSIA – One Eighty [Rock Candy remastered]

AMBROSIA - One Eighty [Rock Candy remaster] full

This one has been repeatedly requested, a proper copy of AMBROSIA‘s “One Eighty Remastered & Reloaded by Rock Candy Records. Fronted by talented David Pack this is one of that early ’80s AOR albums that defined the genre’s sound in the USA.

Based on America’s West Coast, Ambrosia began their recording career in the mid ’70s as a full blown progressive rock band, brandishing a sound that was clearly influenced by British groups like Procol Harum, Genesis and Caravan.
However, with the passing of time, their style was to radically shift towards a more accessible, song based, approach, resulting in brace of melodically inclined albums that elevated the band’s profile considerably.

Released through major label Warner Brothers, “One Eighty” was the band’s fourth album and is now regarded as the high point of their AOR period.
As a six man outfit, the approach is studious yet exploratory, leaving enough space for the songs to breathe and be supported by carefully executed multi-layered backing vocals and a soulful rocking undertow.

Comparable to other premier melodic rock acts of the period such as Toto, Player and Steely Dan, the album benefits immensely from two US top twenty hit singles; “You’re The Only Woman” and “Biggest Part Of Me”, both of which showcase front man David Pack’s world class voice.

But don’t go running away with the impression that their music is all sweetness and light; tracks such as “Ready”, “Shape I’m In”, “Cryin’ In The Rain” and the anthemic guitar driven “Rock ‘n A Hard Place” position Ambrosia firmly at the epicentre of a some serious and powerful hard rock.

AMBROSIA - One Eighty [Rock Candy remaster] back cover

I always loved Ambrosia’s sense of melody and polished arrangements, and of course David Pack’s finesse behind the mic.


01 – Ready
02 – Shape I’m In
03 – Kamikaze
04 – You’re The Only Woman
05 – Rock N’ A Hard Place
06 – Livin’ On My Own
07 – Cryin’ In The Rain
08 – No Big Deal
09 – Biggest Part Of Me

David Pack – Vocals Guitar
Joe Puerta – Bass, Vocals
Christopher North – Organ, Clavinet, Mini Moog
David Cutler-Lewis – Piano, Fender Rhodes, Mini Moog
Burleigh Drummond – Drums, Vocals
Ernie Watts – Saxophone
Daniel Kobialka – Violin
Royce Jones – Percussion, Vocals



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  1. Jeff Mickle says:

    I am really hoping that Rock Candy can remaster the first 3 Ambrosia albums on CD. I love these 3 albums probably as much as any CD’s I own. These albums need to be heard not only by Ambrosia fans but also by people looking for GREAT music from the 70’s. This would make a lot of people HAPPY including myself. Thank You.

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