CHOIRBOYS – Big Bad Noise [Bad Reputation remaster +7] *0dayrox Exclusive*

CHOIRBOYS - Big Bad Noise [Bad Reputation remaster +7] full

As requested, this is the Bad Reputation Records remastered reissue of Aussie CHOIRBOYS 1988’s second album “Big Bad Noise“, including as always a bunch of worthy bonus tracks. Written and recorded between 1986-87 make no mistake the songs on offer here are pure Eighties.
Co-produced by the band, Peter Blyton (Avion, The Radiators) and Brian McGee (The Rolling Stones, Cyndi Lauper) “Big Bad Noise” sports that glossy, pristine sound design from the era. The album was a hit in Australia and sold well worldwide, with the band supporting Bon Jovi and even touring America.
There isn’t a weak song here – the album includes their most popular song “Run to Paradise” – all feel-good melodic tunes. CHOIRBOYS’ sound is quite unique, as being a Melodic Rock / AOR act they don’t use keyboards, creating the lush melodies with smooth vocal harmonies and sweet guitars to deliver the song’s cool choruses.

“Run to Paradise” is a highlight, but also ”Boys Will Be Boys”, the title track, ”Brave New World”, “Struggle Town” or “Fireworks”, later recorded by female AORster Fiona. “Run to Raradise” was recently used for a McDonald’s ad and resurrected the interest in the band bringing CHOIRBOYS’ music to new generations.
Pure ’80s stuff. HIGHLY Recommended

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01 – Run To Paradise
02 – Struggle Town
03 – Boys Will Be Boys
04 – Struck Ny Lightning
05 – Guilty
06 – James Dale
07 – Big Bad Noise
08 – Brave New World
09 – Like Fire
10 – Fireworks
11 – Gasoline (Bonus Track)
12 – One Hot Day (Bonus Track)
13 – Last Night Of My Life (Bonus Track)
14 – Run To Paradise (Bonus Track)
15 – We Can Dance (Bonus Track)
16 – When You’re Young (Bonus Track)
17 – Let’s Party (Bonus Track)

Mark Gable (lead vocals, guitar)
Brett Williams (guitar, vocals)
Ian Hulme (bass, vocals)
Lindsay Tebutt (drums, vocals)



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