THE MOTHER ROCKERS - Kobra (2022) full

The funnily named THE MOTHER ROCKERS ’80s-inspired glam rock band from Quebec City are releasing their debut album “Kobra“, a 10-tracker recreating the sound & style of the Sunset Strip glory days.
There’s a lot of bands right now doing this kind of revival, and two type of them: the ones whom take seriously this genre as the music of their life, and the ones aiming for fun, parody, presenting a complete show including costumes, fireworks, et all. Since their name, you know THE MOTHER ROCKERS belongs to the latter.
However, and while lyrics are ridiculous, laughlable on purpose, and the guitarist looks like Ben Stiller in Zoolander wearing a wig (check video below), musically THE MOTHER ROCKERS are very good at their glam metal / sleazy / hair metal game.

Yeah, Steel Panther have been doing this for over a decade, well, THE MOTHER ROCKERS are the Canadian’s answer. And the guys are good at it.
All cliches are here, from the flashy cover art (which is darn good by the way) or the album title, the the Parental Advisory sticker. And then the guitar riffs / solos, the melodic refrains and the catchy choruses. All complete with cowbell et all.

“Kobra” is entertaining, catchy, and very, very fun. It’s all about a good time and put a smile on your face. And worth it.
Highly Recommended


01 – I Can’t Wait
02 – Hot Mom
03 – Rivers of Slobber
04 – Y.M.B.B.
05 – Runnin’ Away
06 – Since You’re Gone
07 – Lady Mary-Ann
08 – She’s Got a Dick
09 – Too Hot to Fuck
10 – Late Nite Struggle

Billie Ballz – vocals
Max Shaft – guitar
Johnny Bucket – guitar
Zac Vegas – bass
Bobby Coxx – drums



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