JOHN 5 and The Creatures – Sinner (2021)

JOHN 5 and The Creatures - Sinner (2021) full

One of the most distinctive shredders appeared in the last two decades, JOHN 5 made a name for himself for sure. With his real name John Lowery in the ’90s he was an integral part of Rob Halford‘s 2wo, his following work with David Lee Roth, and then being dubbed John 5 in Marilyn Manson and now Rob Zombie.
John 5 solo work is strong as well, and now is releasing “Sinner“, the new album with his band The Creatures. There’s guest spots from Dave Mustaine and Carla Harvey on vocals, and ex-KISS legend Peter Criss, but on “Sinner” John 5 is the star with his inventive guitar and expanded songwriting.

John 5 has a very unique approach to guitar that is a combination of all of the styles he grew up listening to, from blues classics to Hendrix. As on his previous solo albums, ”Sinner” gives us a mixture of musical styles from metal to industrial, to rock&pop, to fusion and country picking.
From the metallic dirge sounds of “For I Have Sinned” to the stomping almost techno feel of “Euphoria”, Jon 5 delivers a stunning array of guitar sounds that make for a great listen. Favorite tracks include “Land of Misfit Toys” and the almost Brian Setzer sound of “How High The Moon”.
On “Que Pasa” Dave Mustaine does vocals just repeating “Que pasa people, que pasa”, but strangely works really well over this bluesy jam.

On “Sinner” John 5 shows that albums do not need to be just one style from front to back. He & The Creatures continue to create music that cover a wide range of musical genres that have one thing in common: kick ass guitar.
Highly Recommended


01. Welcome To The Island
02. For I Have Sinned
03. Euphoria (feat. Carla Harvey)
04. Que Pasa (feat. Dave Mustaine)
05. How High The Moon
06. Creepshow
07. Land Of The Misfit Toys
08. Crazy Little Thing Called Love
09. This Is How I Do It
10. Georgia On My Mind (feat. Peter Criss)

John 5 – guitars, mandolin
Ian Ross – bass guitar
Logan Milex Nix – drums
Dave Mustaine – vocals
Carla Harvey – vocals
Peter Criss – drums



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