BERNIE MARSDEN – Cruise Blues (2019)

BAD HABIT - Autonomy [Japanese Edition] (2021) full

Former Whitesnake guitarist BERNIE MARSDEN started last year his ‘Inspiration Series’, releasing two albums including his own versions of blues classics as well own compositions, all served electrifying.
2019’s ”Cruise Blues”, a CD released by himself and only available at his website, was some kind of a genesis for the ‘Inspiration Series’, a disc where Marsden performs known songs like Bo Diddley’s ‘You Can’t Judge A Book By The Cover’ and originals.
The title of the CD originated from the set Marsden performed for the Soul At The Sea Entertainment company, several Cruise shows he did at the time. In fact, some of the tracks are captured live there, other are studio recordings.
I never had enough “Bernie”.
Highly Recommended


01 – I Can’t Hold On
02 – You Can’t Judge A Book By The Cover
03 – Reconsider Baby
04 – Boss Of The Blues
05 – Worried Life Blues
06 – Thank You B.B. Medley
07 – Watch Out
08 – Place In My Heart – with ‘The Beast’
09 – Cha’s Groove – with Snake Davis
10 – Queen Liv – with Snake Davis


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