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FATE - Back To The Past [Re-Recorded] (2022) full

Danish ’80s melodic rock / AOR legends FATE are releasing a new album ”Back To The Past [Re-Recorded]” where, as title implies, the band re-recorded their most loved songs with the 2010’s line up.
In fact the re-recordings were done in 2014 shortly after the band released their comeback album ‘If Not For The Devil’ (2013), and was set to be released back in 2014 / 2015 and work as a teaser before the next album, but as happened so many times the band got screwed badly by the record company that owns the recordings.
Finally 2022 that dispute ended and we can hear ”Back To The Past”. Well worth the wait as the band’s classics ‘Gotta Have It All (Re-Recorded)’, ”Hard as a Rock (Re-Recorded)’, ‘Summerlove (Re-Recorded)’, ‘Lovers (Re-Recorded)’, etc all sound great, revitalized.
The production sound is, of course, in the vein ‘If Not For The Devil’, already a greatly produced album.
Highly Recommended


01 – Gotta Have It All (Re-Recorded)
02 – Hard as a Rock (Re-Recorded)
03 – Lovers (Re-Recorded)
04 – (I Can’t Stand) Losing You (Re-Recorded)
05 – Love on the Rox (Re-Recorded)
06 – Walk on Fire (Re-Recorded)
07 – Beneath da’ Coconuts (Re-Recorded)
08 – One by One (Re-Recorded)
09 – Hunter (Re-Recorded)
10 – (She’s Got) The Devil Inside (Re-Recorded)
11 – Larry (Re-Recorded)
12 – Summerlove (Re-Recorded)
13 – I Won’t Stop (Re-Recorded)

Dagfinn Joensen – Vocals
Torben Enevoldsen – Guitars, Backing Vocals
Mikkel Henderson – Keyboards
Peter Steincke – Bass
Jens Berglid – Drums



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