FATE – Ghosts From The Past (2011)

FATE - Ghosts From The Past (2011)

Danish band FATE has a long history and a fairly long list of past members, a list that actually extends longer than their discography.

Last year, original member Peter Steincke talked with guitar hero Torben Enevoldsen (Section A / Fatal Force), asking him to join the band and wrote together the sixth album of the band; “Ghost From The Past”.

The premise was to bring back Fate’s melodious rock sound of the eighties.

And they have succeeded on “Ghost From The Past”. The overall style recalls to the best album of Fate, 1990’s ‘Scratch ‘N Sniff’, basically thanks to the melodic and punchy guitar work by Torben Enevoldsen.

The extensive use of keyboards – a trademark of the band’s most glorious moments – is welcomed, and seems the band has found a very good vocalist on Dagfinn Joensen, which has a clean and tuneful voice reaching high notes easily with versatility.

The CD starts really well with typical the ’80s keyboard sounds of “Children Of the Night”, a catchy melodic rocker with a very good chorus. The really good keyboard lines brightens up the tune, but it’s clear from the beginning that what will drive the music on this album are the guitars. Enevoldsen has added a melodic yet strong sound to the band, with killer rhythm guitars and fine articulated solos.

“Miracle” is another assassin Euro Melodic number blended with ‘hard AOR’ mixing awesome keyboards with rockin’ guitars and again, a catchy chorus.

“Seeds Of Terror” is a bit heavier and modern AOR rocker in a unmistakable Scandi style, while follower “Fear Of The Stranger” has a more dark / epic style.

There’s a nice melody on the semi-midtempo “At The End Of The Day”, with a synth / six string counterpoint and a style that reminds me Last Autumn’s Dream.

Next, eighties AOR defines the simple but effective refrain of “All That I Want”.

“Follow Your Heart” is a slower track, the almost mandatory ballad. Despite its nature still includes plenty of great guitar work. Nice one.

“Daddy’s Girl” is one of my favorites. This keyboard driven tune is truly faithful to Fate’s 80’s style, catchy and foot-tapping.

The rest of the material maintains a good level, being the melodic and modern “Moving On”, the anthemic “The Last Time” and the great keyboard infused “The Other Side” the best.

With “Ghosts From The Past” Fate has returned in great form, delivering one of the best albums of their career. It’s a punchy, strong Melodic Hard Rock album spiced with classy AOR, melodious yet powerful.

Besides the solid songwriting what stands out on this album is the phenomenal guitar job of Torben Enevoldsen. But all the musicianship is truly good, and the massive use of keyboards enriches the sound all over.

Produced by the band and Thomas Pedersen at various studios in Denmark, “Ghosts From The Past” has a polished but sharp edge, well mixed and mastered.

Really Good.


01 – Children Of The Night

02 – Miracle

03 – Seeds Of Terror

04 – Fear Of The Stranger

05 – At The End Of The Day

06 – All That I Want

07 – Follow Your Heart

08 – Daddy’s Girl

09 – Moving On

10 – Murder

11 – The Last Time

12 – I Believe In Rock ‘N’ Roll

13 – The Other Side


Dagfinn Joensen – Vocals

Torben Enevoldsen – Guitars

Mikkel Henderson – Keyboards, Backing Vocals

Peter Steincke – Bass, Keyboards, Backing Vocals

Jens Berglid – Drums

Kira Li – Guest Backing Vocals




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