VEGA – Anarchy And Unity [Bonus Track Edition] (2022) *0dayrox Exclusive*


UK melodic rockers VEGA and Frontiers Music are releasing today a new version of the band’s latest album, re-titled ”Anarchy And Unity [Bonus Track Edition]”, including as bonus a freshly recorded cover of DEF LEPPARD’s classic “Animal”. Their version is awesome; VEGA really nailed the song’s vibe.
The new album, while not a departure from the band’s defined and classy sound, shows a band determined, mature, and ready for the next step in their career. It has a crisp sound and immaculate musicianship showcasing the great talents in the band. On the songwriting front, the band have returned with a more muscular sound, but no less full to the brim with melodies that will grab you from the first note to the last.
“Anarchy and Unity” sees two new faces in the band, Billy Taylor (ex-Inglorious) on guitars and Pete Newdeck (Nitrate, Midnite City) on drums
With this rejuvenated line-up VEGA has created their ‘magnificent seventh’, perhaps their best to date.

The first couple of songs, “Beautiful Lie” and “Sooner Or Later”, are exactly what we wanted to hear from these guys; powerful, upbeat and in-your-face modern melodic hard rock made with intelligence. On “End Of The Fade” the band is delivering a ‘classic’ VEGA song, while in “Ain’t Who I Am” we have yet another tune shouting to be played live via its excellent melodies, catchy hooks and an explosive chorus line to turn on a maximum volume.
“Welcome To Wherever”, “Bring The Riot” and “Glow” are all three excellent samples out of the new record and how good the new band member glued: punchy, hard edged, riff-tastic tracks plenty of bounce.
“2Die4” closes with style, it’s pure classic VEGA, with tons of layered vocal harmonies, heavy drums, and precise guitars.

VEGA comprises some of the most talented musicians from the ‘new’ melodic hard rock generation, a band that will always deliver high-quality, melodic, and perfectly produced music in this genre. It seems that with the two new guys onboard VEGA took a big boost and that is reflected to this brand new opus.
“Anarchy And Unity” is a hell of an album, easily one of the best of the year.


1. Beautiful Lie
2. Sooner Or Later
3. End Of The Fade
4. Ain’t Who I Am
5. Welcome To Wherever
6. Bring The Riot
7. Live For Me
8. Kneel To You
9. Glow
10. C’mon
11. Had Enough
12. 2Die4
13 – Animal [Def Leppard cover]

Nick Workman – Vocals
Tom Martin – Bass
James Martin – Keyboards
Marcus Thurston – Guitar
Billy Taylor – Guitas
Pete Newdeck – Drums


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