FAIR WARNING – Two Nights To Remember [4xCD Japan only release] (2019) *0dayrox EXCLUSIVE*

FAIR WARNING - Two Nights To Remember [4xCD Japan only release] (2019) *0dayrox EXCLUSIVE* full

With the recent OUT OF THIS WORLD ‘Live From The Heart’ post featured here, many of you asked for Tommy Heart’s band FAIR WARNING and their latest release, the live album “Two Nights To Remember“, only released in Japan
Here’s in exclusive at 0dayrox the 4xCD box set, featuring the complete two shows FAIR WARNING did in Japan, 2 special nights to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the band with Japanese fans.
Recorded in April 2017, the shows spans the entire FAIR WARNING career with the band performing their classics, re-arranged versions and including an acoustic set. You have 53 songs here!
Sound quality is awesome, and you know, songs are terrific – FAIR WARNING is one of the best Melodic Hard Rock acts out there.

Only at 0dayrox


KICP 1979~82

[Disc 1] <FIRST NIGHT>
01. Intro: Sunset
02. Out On The Run
03. Longing For Love
04. When Love Fails
05. Before Dawn
06. Easter Sun
07. Crazy
08. Take Me Up
09. Long Gone
10. Heat Of Emotion
11. Future Oveture
12. Take look At The Future
13. Children Eyes


01. In The Ghetto
02. The Call Of The Heart
03. Angel Of Dawn
04. Rain Song
05. Hang On
06. Still I Believe
07. Sukiyaki
08. Don’t Give Up
09. Angels Of Heaven
10. One Step Closer
11. Burning Heart
12. A Little More Love
13. The Eye Of Rock


01. Intro (GO!)
02. Angels Of Heaven
03. Save Me
04. Generation Jedi
05. Out On The Run
06. When Love Fails (Pimp Your Past) version)
07. Take Me Up
08. Long Gone
09. Longing For Love
10. Don’t Give Up (Pimp Your Past version)
11. Children’s Eyes
12. Rain Song
13. Hey Girl
14. Desert Song
15 . Follow My Heart
16. Hang On


[Disc .4] <SECOND NIGHT>
01. Intro ~ Stil I Believe
02. I’ll Be There
03. Here Comes The Heartache
04. Sukiyaki
05. Burning Heart
06. Before The Dawn
07. Eastern Sun
08. One Step Closer (Pimp Your Past version)
09. Pictures Of Love
10. Get A Little Close

Tommy Heart – vocals
Helge Engelke – guitar
Ule W. Ritgen – bass
CC Behrens – drums



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