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MARILLION - An Hour Before It's Dark (2022) full

With ‘An Hour Before It’s Dark’, MARILLION release one of their most upbeat albums of their career while, at the same time, they once again do not shy away from uncomfortable topics, reflect on their own behavior, and put their finger in the wounds of time.
The band’s 20th studio album, like its predecessor, 2016’s critically acclaimed and chart-topping album ‘F*** Everyone And Run (F E A R)’, was recorded at Peter Gabriel’s Real World Studios. But, whereas it’s predecessor was more a dark and condemning comment on the government and the bureaucrats who ran the country, this new release deals with the pandemic in a much more hopeful and enriching manner leading to the band calling it their most upbeat album in quite a while.
Lyrics and themes aside, musically ‘An Hour Before It’s Dark’ is simply brilliant, and already got a slot among one of the best 2022 albums.


01 – Be Hard on Yourself
(I) the Tear in the Big Picture
(II) Lust for Luxury
(III) You Can Learn
02 – Reprogram the Gene
(I) Invincible
(II) Trouble-Free Life
(III) a Cure for Us?
03 – Only a Kiss
04 – Murder Machines
05 – The Crow and the Nightingale
06 – Sierra Leone
(I) Chance in a Million
(II) the White Sand
(III) the Diamond
(IV) the Blue Warm Air
(V) More Than Treasure
07 – Care
(I) Maintenance Drugs
(II) An Hour Before It’s Dark
(III) Every Cell
(IV) Angels on Earth

Steve Hogarth – lead vocals
Steve Rothery – guitar
Pete Trewavas – bass
Mark Kelly – keyboards
Ian Mosley – drums



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