MARILLION – Distant Lights; Leicester [performing ’89 -’95 songs] (2022)

“Marillion Weekends” are a series of shows the UK rock giants MARILLION have been doing for the last two decades, three shows on Friday, Saturday and Sunday at different parts of the world each. While a 2019 Marillion Weekend recording already was released on DVD/Blu Ray, now it has surfaced the standalone audio / digital download version of one of these shows titled ”Distant Lights; Leicester”.
This release is of special interest as that night – Friday 26th, April 2019 – Marillion made a journey through the first 4 albums of Steve Hogarth as the lead vocalist of Marillion from 1989 to 1995, performing songs from 1989’s Seasons End, 1991’s Holidays in Eden, 1994’s Brave, and 1995’s Afraid of Sunlight.
It’s a real pleasure to listen to these songs live just like the band feel ’em right now. The sound quality is crystal clear, as usual with Marillion standards.
Great stuff.

FISH (ex Marillion) – The Last Straw [Live In Glasgow 2018] (2022)

The Last Straw [Live In Glasgow 2018]” double album was recorded at the final show of FISH’s ‘Clutching at Straws / Weltschmerz tour’ at the O2 in Glasgow, Scotland, on December 13, 2018. It features an entire performance of 1987’s Clutching At Straws, Fish’s fourth and final album with the band Marillion.
Clutching at the Straws was the follow-up to Marillion’s Misplaced Childhood album, which hit #1 in the UK thanks to top 5 hits “Kayleigh” and “Lavender.” Straws delved into Fish’s struggles with fame on songs like the top-10 UK hit “Incommunicado” and his difficulties with alcoholism on songs like “Sugar Mice.”
The show also features four songs from Weltschmerz, which Fish has said will be his last album. Interestingly, though, these recordings are from 2018 while the Weltschmerz album wasn’t released until 2020. However, three of the songs (“Man with a Stick,” “Waverly Steps,” “Little Man What Now”) had been previously released on Fish’s EP Parley With Angels.
Only available at Fish’s website on physical format, “The Last Straw [Live In Glasgow 2018]” was produced by Steve Vantsis & mastered by Calum Malcolm. The sound quality is superb, crystalline…

MARILLION – An Hour Before It’s Dark (2022) HQ

With ‘An Hour Before It’s Dark’, MARILLION release one of their most upbeat albums of their career while, at the same time, they once again do not shy away from uncomfortable topics, reflect on their own behavior, and put their finger in the wounds of time.
The band’s 20th studio album, like its predecessor, 2016’s critically acclaimed and chart-topping album ‘F*** Everyone And Run (F E A R)’, was recorded at Peter Gabriel’s Real World Studios. But, whereas it’s predecessor was more a dark and condemning comment on the government and the bureaucrats who ran the country, this new release deals with the pandemic in a much more hopeful and enriching manner leading to the band calling it their most upbeat album in quite a while.
Lyrics and themes aside, musically ‘An Hour Before It’s Dark’ is simply brilliant, and already got a slot among one of the best 2022 albums…

MARILLION – Be Hard On Yourself (2021) HQ

Be Hard On Yourself” is the first brand new MARILLION song / 3-track EP in almost six years, an advance for their upcoming album ”An Hour Before It’s Dark”. With the track’s stark environmental warning, Steve Hogarth & Co. continue delivering some amazing music.
On first listen this gives me such strong FEAR vibes, obviously thematically but also sonically with Mark Kelly’s keyboard sounds. I love the darkness of the chord progression (it reminded me of the intro to Between You and Me from Anoraknophobia) and I really resonated with the themes…

MARILLION – Fugazi [Deluxe Edition / New 2021 Stereo Remix] HQ

MARILLION‘s second album, 1984’s ”Fugazi”, has been issued as a multi-disc deluxe edition, across two formats, available as a 3CD+blu-ray deluxe set or a 4LP vinyl box. Both feature a new 2021 stereo remix by Andy Bradfield & Avril Mackintosh, which sounds simply awesome.
The CD and vinyl deluxe sets also both include a live show from The Spectrum, Montreal, Canada recorded in 1984. This spans two CDs. This concert is stupendous and the recording quality top notch.
”Fugazi” is an ’80s melodic neo-prog masterpiece, and you gotta listen to this new remastering / stereo remix. The results are fantastic.

FISH – Weltschmerz (2020)

“This party’s over” snarls FISH on ”Weltschmerz”, and, this time, it seems the big man really means it. After threatening retirement for many years, the ex- Marillion singer has finally called time on his recording career.
His final present to the fans is a double album that looks back on his 32 years as a solo artist. And it’s really fascinating.
Over the decades the charismatic Scot has moved steadily from mainstream to cult status. He’s dabbled in pop (e.g “State of Mind”), hard rock…

V.A. – 0dayrox Advanced Releases July / August 2020 – Vol.2

We expect a very interesting batch of new releases in months to come, so it’s time for our classic 0dayrox Advanced singles. Let’s go now with 0dayrox Advanced Releases July / August 2020 – Vol.2, your soundtrack for this Summer! Guitarist JOSH RAMOS (Hardline, The Storm, Two Fires) has announced his new solo album, ‘My Many Sides’, to be released...

MARILLION – Marillion With Friends From The Orchestra (2019)

“Marillion With Friends From The Orchestra” is the new studio CD from prog legends MARILLION that features re-recordings of song from across their career, both enhanced by six-piece mini-orchestra of strings and horns. Recorded at The Racket Club and Real World Studios, and with a running time of almost 80 minutes, “With Friends From The Orchestra” features nine classic Marillion...

MARILLION – Clutching At Straws [Ltd. Deluxe Edition 4-CD Box Set remixed / remastered] (2018) *EXCLUSIVE*

After the successful reissue of MARILLION‘s 1985 album Misplaced Childhood in 2017, now, released last November, we have a fantastic remastered / remixed reissue of their excellent 1987 album “Clutching At Straws”, in the form of a 4CD + Blu-ray Deluxe Edition Box Set, including previously unreleased material. Like its predecessor, the album was produced by Chris Kimsey and it...

MARILLION – Size Matters [Limited Numbered Edition] (2018)

Originally available exclusively from the MARILLION website through their personal label Racket Records, now the band has decided to release world-wide “Size Matters“, a 2CD album recorded during a ‘Marillion weekend’ at Port Zelande, The Netherlands, 2009. Why this recording is so special? Because it brings back the very early MARILLION style.At one of the dates of the Marillion Weekend...

MARILLION – Living In F E A R [Live EP] (2017)

MARILLION – Living In F E A R [Live EP] (2017)

October 13th 2017 will see MARILLION playing the Royal Albert Hall for the very first time (a show that was sold out within four minutes from the announcement) performing their Top 5 chart album, F@ck Everyone And Run (F E A R), but also celebrating the very special release of “Living In F E A R”, a limited edition Digipak...

MARILLION – Misplaced Childhood [Deluxe Edition remastered 2017]

MARILLION – Misplaced Childhood [Deluxe Edition remastered 2017]

MARILLION‘s classic masterwork 1985 studio album “Misplaced Childhood“, which features the hits Kayleigh and Lavender, has been reissued in a luxury Deluxe Edition including a five-disc set freshly remastered 2017. The 4CD+Blu-ray package features a newly remastered edition of the album, a concert from Holland across two CDs (including “Misplaced Childhood” performed in its entirety) and a fourth disc of...

ISILDURS BANE & STEVE HOGARTH (Marillion) – Colours Not Found In Nature (2017)

ISILDURS BANE & STEVE HOGARTH (Marillion) – Colours Not Found In Nature (2017)

During the summer of 2016 (whilst finishing the Marillion album F E A R) singer Steve Hogarth joined forces with Swedish Progressive pioneers Isildurs Bane to record the album “Colours Not Found In Nature“, to be released in few days under the ISILDURS BANE & STEVE HOGARTH banner. Hogarth wrote all lyrics and performed all lead vocals, while the music...

MARILLION – Singles Night [Greatest Hits Live 2CD]

MARILLION – Singles Night [Greatest Hits Live 2CD]

Alongside the recently featured here ‘Marbles In The Park’, “Singles Night” is another new MARILLION 2-CD release recorded at the Marillion Weekend at Center Parcs, Port Zelande, Netherlands, 22 March 2015. During the “Singles Night” Marillion recorded live all their greatest singles and more well known songs with a new approach.Included are the most successful single, the timeless classic ‘Kayleigh’,...

MARILLION – Marbles In The Park (2017)

MARILLION – Marbles In The Park (2017)

I’m not sure many would have predicted that 22 years after their last UK top ten album, MARILLION would take their last studio effort F.E.A.R., right up to #4. Lyrically challenging and musically rewarding the album found the band right at the height of their powers and yet you could argue that it is in the live arena that they’ve...