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MARILLION - Fugazi [Deluxe Edition / New 2021 Stereo Remix] full

MARILLION‘s second album, 1984’s ”Fugazi”, has been issued as a multi-disc deluxe edition, across two formats, available as a 3CD+blu-ray deluxe set or a 4LP vinyl box. Both feature a new 2021 stereo remix by Andy Bradfield & Avril Mackintosh, which sounds simply awesome.
The CD and vinyl deluxe sets also both include a live show from The Spectrum, Montreal, Canada recorded in 1984. This spans two CDs. This concert is stupendous and the recording quality top notch.
”Fugazi” is an ’80s melodic neo-prog masterpiece, and you gotta listen to this new remastering / stereo remix. The results are fantastic.

”Fugazi” has long existed in the shadow of both its iconic predecessor Script For A Jester’s Tear and blockbusting follow-up Misplaced Childhood. However it’s perhaps Marillion Fish-era best album.
A thing some people, critics and fans complained is the original production, that was a product of both its times and the extra-curricular interests of some of the parties involved.

Any questions regarding sound quality have been answered by a new stereo mix courtesy of Andy Bradfield and Avril Mackintosh. Their remix is sympathetic but muscular – and they’ve finally given the title track the conclusion it deserves, swapping out the original’s whimpering fade-out for a proper ending.

Time has been kind to the original album. This is timeless melodic proggy stuff o the highest quality. Apart from singles ‘Assassing’ and ‘Punch and Judy’, ‘Emerald Lies”Jigsaw’, ‘Incubus’ and the title track are as good as any Fish-era Marillion song.
New drummer Ian Mosley, who replaced founder member Mick Pointer, is the secret weapon here – the plodding backbeat of their debut is a distant memory as he rattles his way the album’s seven tracks.

Additionally, the live set recorded at Montreal’s Spectrum Club in on June 20, 1984, really represent Marillion at their best. A snapshot of the latter was provided on 1984’s Real To Reel live album, which featured a handful of songs from the same show, but this the complete performance, a portrait of a band on the verge of fully-fledged stardom.


CD1: Stereo Album 2021 Remix
01 – Assassing
02 – Punch and Judy
03 – Jigsaw
04 – Emerald Lies
05 – She Chameleon
06 – Incubus
07 – Fugazi

CD2: Live at The Spectrum, Montreal, June 1984 (Part 1)
01 – Assassing
02 – Punch and Judy
03 – Jigsaw
04 – Script for a Jester’s Tear
05 – Chelsea Monday
06 – Emerald Lies
07 – Cinderella Search
08 – Incubus

CD3: Live at The Spectrum, Montreal, June 1984 (Part 2)
01 – Charting the Single
02 – He Knows You Know
03 – Fugazi
04 – Forgotten Sons
05 – Garden Party
06 – Market Square Heroes

Fish – vocals
Steve Rothery – guitars
Mark Kelly – keyboards
Pete Trewavas – bass
Ian Mosley – drums



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