FISH (ex Marillion) – The Last Straw [Live In Glasgow 2018] (2022)

FISH (ex Marillion) - The Last Straw [Live In Glasgow 2018] (2022) full

The Last Straw [Live In Glasgow 2018]” double album was recorded at the final show of FISH’s ‘Clutching at Straws / Weltschmerz tour’ at the O2 in Glasgow, Scotland, on December 13, 2018. It features an entire performance of 1987’s Clutching At Straws, Fish’s fourth and final album with the band Marillion.
Clutching at the Straws was the follow-up to Marillion’s Misplaced Childhood album, which hit #1 in the UK thanks to top 5 hits “Kayleigh” and “Lavender.” Straws delved into Fish’s struggles with fame on songs like the top-10 UK hit “Incommunicado” and his difficulties with alcoholism on songs like “Sugar Mice.”
The show also features four songs from Weltschmerz, which Fish has said will be his last album. Interestingly, though, these recordings are from 2018 while the Weltschmerz album wasn’t released until 2020. However, three of the songs (“Man with a Stick,” “Waverly Steps,” “Little Man What Now”) had been previously released on Fish’s EP Parley With Angels.
Only available at Fish’s website on physical format, “The Last Straw [Live In Glasgow 2018]” was produced by Steve Vantsis & mastered by Calum Malcolm. The sound quality is superb, crystalline.

The ‘Clutching At Straws’ album, Fish’s last with his former band Marillion, is acknowledged as his favourite of that period in his career, and it shows here all over his passionate performance.
HIGHLY Recommended


Disc I
01 – Slainthe Mhath (Live In Glasgow 2018)
02 – Man With A Stick (Live In Glasgow 2018)
03 – Hotel Hobbies (Live In Glasgow 2018)
04 – Warm Wet Circles (Live In Glasgow 2018)
05 – That Time Of The Night (Live In Glasgow 2018)
06 – Little Man What Now (Live In Glasgow 2018)
07 – Torch Song (Live In Glasgow 2018)
08 – White Russian (Live In Glasgow 2018)

Disc II
01 – Just For The Record (Live In Glasgow 2018)
02 – C Song (Live In Glasgow 2018)
03 – Going Under (Live In Glasgow 2018)
04 – Sugar Mice (Live In Glasgow 2018)
05 – Waverley Steps (Live In Glasgow 2018)
06 – The Last Straw (Live In Glasgow 2018)
07 – Tux On (Live In Glasgow 2018)
08 – Incommunicado (Live In Glasgow 2018)

Fish (vocals)
Robin Boult (guitar)
John Beck, Foss Paterson (keyboards)
Steve Vantsis (bass)
Gavin Griffiths (drums)
Doris Brendel (backing vocals, whistles)



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