DAVID REECE – Compromise [2022 reissue +1] *0dayrox Exclusive*

DAVID REECE - Compromise [2022 reissue +1] *0dayrox Exclusive* full

Talented American singer DAVID REECE has made a fresh arrangement with English label Global Rock Records to reissue his out of print solo catalog with bonus tracks. Originally released by AOR Heaven Records, “Compromise” is Reece’s second album under the ‘David Reece’ moniker.
Reece really shouldn’t need any introduction, but for those of you who haven’t heard that name before, the man has an impressive discography through the years. Having been more recognized thanks to his work with Accept in their late ’80s album, and since making his reappearance in the Melodic Hard Rock world with the acclaimed 2008 Gypsy Rose album, one time Sircle Of Silence frontman David Reece has made up for his more than decade long absence from the scene.
Two Bangalore Choir albums, a Tango Down release, a CD as Reece-Kronlund and a solo record, all confirming him as a singer of great muscular voice, huge presence and one with a keen eye for a killer tune.

Keeping that ball and impressive workload rolling comes “Compromise”, the second solo Reece album and again if you are looking for someone to sing their heart out in stunning style, then David’s your man.
With vocals recorded at KMan studios in Blaine Minnesota and a slick production by Kelly Peterson, “Compromise” houses a nice range of styles from Melodic Hard Rock, Hard ‘n Heavy and power ballads, allowing Reece to really stretch out vocally while a stellar backing band featuring Ronnie Parkes (7 Witches), Jack Frost (Savatage), Paul Morris (Rainbow, Doro, Jurgen Blackmore) plus special guests Andy Susemihl (UDO) and the skilled Christian Tolle on guitars, ensure the tracks are performed superbly.
Add to that the mix & mastering by Martin Kronlund & Joey Vera (Armored Saint) providing ‘the sound’ and we should be in for another unquestionable success from start to finish.

And so it proves with a punchy selection of tracks such as “Evil Never Dies” which has a sizzling guitar presence, “Treasure Hunter”, where the beat and riff swagger with intent, a stomping rocker on “Where My Heart Belongs” and the spiky hard ‘n heavy opener “Disaster” very solid with plenty of power, attitude and a killer chorus (which reminds of a weightier solo David Lee Roth) marking this album out as a must listen for Melodic Hard Rock aficionados, especially if the slightly harder hitting side of the genre is your thing.

You have more melodic oriented, commercial numbers on “Along For The Ride” and the bouncy, catchy keyboard / guitar / vocal trade off “Coast To Coast”, then soulful ballads like the sublime “Someone Beautiful” which was written by Tom & James Martin from VEGA, and “Everything to Everyone” where David’s bluesy vocal tones shine like a polished diamond.
There’s a straight rocked up cover of Creedence Clearwater Revival’s “Fortunate Son” being good, if unessential among the rest of the originals.

“Compromise” is another exciting Melodic Hard Rock release by Reece, and a proof of his quality timeless, bluesy range and powerhouse control. The songs are solid, catchy and David loves tackling a variety of styles and one listen will tell you he has the voice to pull it off.
With musicians the calibre of those here and lyrics boasting a darn sight more intelligence than your standard clichéd rock fair, Reece has the firepower to back him up all the way into classic album territory. The guitar work on this record is high in the mix providing an extra punch and edge, but all is really polished and sounds clear.
Highly Recommended

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01 – Disaster
02 – End of It All
03 – Fortunate Son
04 – Someone Beautiful
05 – Along for the Ride
06 – Coast 2 Coast
07 – All Roads Lead to War
08 – Where My Heart Belongs
09 – Everything to Everyone
10 – Evil Never Dies
11 – Treasure Hunter
12 – David Reece Talks About Compromise [Bonus]

David Reece – Vocals
Ronnie Parkes – Bass
Jack Frost – Guitar
Kelly Peterson – Guitar
Paul Morris – Keyboards
Andy Susemihl – guitars
Christian Tolle – guitars



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