DAVID REECE (feat. Martin Kronlund) – Solid [2022 reissue +10 bonus tracks] *0dayrox Exclusive*

DAVID REECE (feat. Martin Kronlund) - Solid [2022 reissue +10 bonus tracks] *0dayrox Exclusive* full

Talented American singer DAVID REECE has made a fresh arrangement with English label Global Rock Records to reissue his out of print solo catalog with bonus tracks. While this collaboration albumwith Martin Kronlund titled “Solid” originally appeared as ‘Reece/Kronlund’, now it’s being reissued as ‘DAVID REECE feat. Martin Kronlund‘, including no less than 10 bonus tracks.
Reece (Accept, Bangalore Choir) and Kronlund (Dogface, Gypsy Rose) have met the first time in 2007. Reece was asked to join Martin’s band Gypsy Rose as the new front singer and in June 2008 the album ‘Another World’ was released. Their special friendship and musical chemistry continues till this day.
In November 2010 David Reece and Martin Kronlund decided to fulfill their dream about a project under their own moniker which was planed since. “Solid” was recorded, mixed, mastered and produced by Martin Kronlund and Reece at Kronlund’s ‘JM Studio’ Sweden. And with collaboration from the likes of Tommy Denander, musically things resulted pretty awesome.

“Solid”, as its title already says, is a granite-solid, clean, strong piece of very powerful Melodic Hard Rock.
Martin Kronlund played most of the guitars which compliment David Reece’s voice perfectly. David also reached out to lyricist Jon Wilde to share ideas and the end result is deep meaningful story lines. The record includes a high toned companionship of musician guests playing and also co-writing songs on the album.

“My Angel Wears White” opens with great quality this album full of melodies. This fast paced European melodic rocker has a killer chorus and an excellent guitar work by Swedish guru Tommy Denander together with Kronlund hot riffing.
“Samurai” is another winner. Commercial and catchy, this track has a pumping rhythm and a very nice keyboard line by guest keyboardist Rikard Quist (Gypsy Rose). “Could This Be Madness” is a beautifully crafted semi-ballad with a bluesy touch, a collaboration with guitarist Brynn Arens. Great tune.
“Animals And Cannibals” is the first track co-written with German guitarist Christian Tolle, and his influence is notable. This track is a teutonic hard rocker ala Bonfire with I Would doing his best.

I was surprised with “I Remember You”, another Tolle’s contribution. This track is an anthemic midtempo with tons of emotion and harmonies. A kind of tune that you won’t expect from a vocalist as David Reece. And he did a great job! A highlight on this album.
The hard rocking rollercoaster ride returns with “Paint The Mirror Black”. This song has a devastating riff fueled by a potent rhythm section. Powerful chorus too and monster guitar solo. Terrific track.
“I Would” is some kind of ballad in the best Bangalore Choir tradition. Reece shines here. What a great vocalist he is.

David’s long time friend guitarist Andy Susemihl (ex-Sinner) contributes on “Edge Of Heaven”, then “Magic Puddin” (co-written by Tolle) is an old style rocker with razor guitars and a live vibe, sounding very German in the chorus part. “The Dead Shall Walk The Earth” is a kinckin fast paced hard rocker with pounding drums and tight vocals.

“Solid” is indeed a very solid, powerful melodic hard rock CD, with very good songwriting and production. All sounds perfectly assembled, as a real band. David Reece is in top form and sings his heart out, while Kronlund confirms that he is one of the best guitarists / arranger / producer nowadays.
Highly Recommended

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01 – My Angel Wears White
02 – Samurai
03 – Could This Be Madness
04 – Animals And Cannibals
05 – I Remember You
06 – Paint The Mirror Black
07 – I Would
08 – Edge Of Heaven
09 – Magic Pudding
10 – The Dead Shall Walk The Earth
11 – Final Call (Bonus Track)
12 – Nothing Really Matters (Bonus Track)
13 – Fired (Bonus Track)
14 – A Little Ain’t Enough (Bonus Track)
15 – All The Way To The Sun (Bonus Track)
16 – A Million Miles (Bonus Track)
17 – Liar (Bonus Track)
18 – Another World (Bonus Track)
19 – Hellhammer (Bonus Track)
20 – David Talks About Solid (Bonus Track)

David Reece – Vocals
Martin Kronlund – Guitar, Bass, Keys
Hans In’t Zandt – Drums
Tommy Denander – Guitar
Andy Susemihl – Guitar
Brynn Arens – Guitar
Christian Tolle – Guitar
Rikard Quist – Keyboards



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