IRON ALLIES (Accept members) – Blood In Blood Out (2022)

IRON ALLIES (Accept members) - Blood In Blood Out (2022) - full

Blood In Blood Out” is the upcoming debut album from super-group IRON ALLIES, consisting of former ACCEPT members Herman Frank & David Reece, VICTORY members Malte Burkert & Mike Pesin, and former JORN, HARDLINE, U.D.O. drummer Francesco Jovino. Especially Herman Frank & David Reece are the classic combination of songwriting guitarist and first-rate lyricist singer, a join-venture that, more than once, has caused a stir in music history.
However, ”Blood In Blood Out” cannot be compared to anything David or Frank have produced in the past. It’s a heavy collection of tracks, melodic, riff-driven, but I never heard both musicians composing so ‘anthemic’ songs like on this album. There’s a lot of groove as well, a crisp modern production, and a super mix by Dennis Ward.

Opener ‘Full Of Surprises’ is huge sounding and gives the impression of David Coverdale jamming with Judas Priest. The title track is another absolute banger thanks to Franks’s mighty book of riffs, then ‘Destroyers Of The Night’ allows Reece a scream and we’re off on a mammoth chug fest that gets the head banging before the rapid melodic metal of ‘Fear No Evil’.
The pace continues ‘Evil The Gun’ which is driven along by Burkert’s insistent bass line before the malevolent stomp of ‘Martyrs Burn’. ‘Blood On The Land’ is another full-on beast of a headbanger that continues with ‘Nightmares In My Mind’.
Then we get some AC/DC style dumb ass metal on ‘Freezin’’ with another bangin’ bass line from Burkert which is simple but effective. Off we go again on ‘Truth Never Mattered’ which rattles along like a runaway train then album closer ‘We Are Legend (You And I)’ is made for the live arena where you can throw your horns.

Yes, you have something special here. Top-notch metal which sounds fresh and vibrant thanks to the mix master himself Dennis Ward. Reece and Frank work well together because the songs are excellent. Big riffs, huge melodies, and the three-piece rhythm section just lay it down superbly.
This is great melodic metal stuff and deserves to be heard by the masses.
Highly Recommended


01 – Full of Surprises
02 – Blood In Blood Out
03 – Destroyers of the Night
04 – Fear No Evil
05 – Evil the Gun
06 – Martyrs Burn
07 – Blood on the Land
08 – Nightmares in My Mind
09 – Selling Out
10 – Freezin
11 – Truth Never Mattered
12 – We Are Legend (You and I)

David Reece – Vocals
Herman Frank – Guitars, Vocals
Malte Burkert – Bass, Vocals
Mike Pesin – Guitars, Vocals
Francesco Jovino – Drums


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