STEPHAN GEORG (feat. David Reece, Ripper Owens, Ralf Scheepers) – Fighting The Virus (2021) *0dayrox Exclusive*

STEPHAN GEORG (feat. David Reece, Ripper Owens, Ralf Scheepers) - Fighting The Virus (2021) full

German rock guitarist STEPHAN GEORG, responsible for the riffs in the metal band TIGHT and recently also with hard rockers TREASURE HUNT, has released 3 solo albums within a year and a half. But if you think the quality suffers with all the release euphoria, you are wrong. It happens all these tracks were composed & recorded GEORG since many years ago, and now he’s releasing them in a row.
We already featured STEPHAN GEORG’s newest album ‘The Fire Still Burns’, his third, and at the same time the guitarist is releasing a compilation of the best tracks from the 1st and 2nd albums, to provide some fun and entertainment in these troubled times.

Properly titled ”Fighting The Virus”, we have here a punchy track-list with solid ’80s-inspired hard rockers featuring the likes of Ripper Owens, David Reece and Ralf Scheepers on vocals, as well as legendary guitarist Mathias “Don” Dieth.
But while these songs already appeared into STEPHAN GEORG’s two first solos albums (both released 2020), for this ”Fighting The Virus” compilation all have been re-recorded & re-mixed, and mastered by star producer Torben Enevoldsen.
Highly Recommended


01 – Night City (feat David Reece)
02 – Faster As The Wind (feat Martin Brendler)
03 – Fly Free (feat Lydia Pane)
04 – Watchin’ You (feat David Reece)
05 – Time Bandit (feat Ralf Scheepers)
06 – Day & Night (feat David Reece)
07 – Flesh & Blood (feat Tim Ripper Owens)
08 – Brokes Bones (feat David Reece)
09 – Time of Changes (feat Tim Ripper Owens)
10 – Now I’m Back (feat David Reece)
11 – Out of Sight (feat David Reece)

Guitars – Stephan Georg
Drums – Karsten Drexler
Bass – Arnd Kardell, Oliver Scholz, Stefan Drees
Guest Lead Guitar – Eddie Grabowski (9), Mathias Dieth (4, 9)
Mixed & mastered by Torben Enevoldsen



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