STEPHAN GEORG (feat David Reece, Bonfire members, Chris Holmes) – The Fire Still Burns (2021)

STEPHAN GEORG (feat David Reece, Bonfire members, Chris Holmes) - The Fire Still Burns (2021) full

German rock guitarist STEPHAN GEORG, responsible for the riffs in the metal band TIGHT and recently also with hard rockers TREASURE HUNT, has released his new solo album tilted “The Fire Still Burns”. And believe it or not, this is his third within a year and a half.
But if you think the quality suffers with all the release euphoria, you are wrong, because like in Stephan’s 2 previous efforts, “The Fire Still Burns” offers crisp, melodic heavy rock music which is hard to beat in terms of variety, especially due to the well-known guest musicians.
David Reece (ex- ACCEPT) already did the honors with the two predecessors, but this time STEPHAN GEORG shakes a few more surprises up his sleeve, also with contribution by Alexx Stahl & Hans Ziller (BONFIRE), Chris “Mean Man” Holmes (WASP), and more.

Before we get into the guest list, a few words should said about the powerful production that gives the mix of hard rock and metal of the 1980s the kick it needs. Thanks to that, for example, the punchy number ‘Revenge Of The Witch’ with Stahl (BONFIRE, ex-MASTERS OF DISGUISE) at the mic is one of the best tunes.
And seems Georg is a very good friend of all BONFIRE, as bassist Uwe Köhler – this time on the microphone – performs leads in ‘Hot As A Fire’, and Hans Ziller drops a solo in ‘Words Of Evil’, whith the whole thing sounding like… well, BONFIRE.
The last-mentioned song in particular is one of the coolest, hard rocking tunes on the CD, with excellent UNIVERSE singer Chris Richter.

There’s an anthem in the classic melodic metal ‘Valley Of The Knights’ featuring Mr. Reece, while ‘Beast Inside’ is a WASP inspired number featuring Chris “Mean Man” Holmes as guest on the six strings.

“The Fire Still Burns” will please fans of old-school – especially ’80s – heavy rock aficionados with solid songwriting, fine production and some very good, varied performances from well known musicians from both Europe and America.


01 Stephan Georg / Alexx Stahl – Revenge Of The Witch
02 Stephan Georg / Lydia Pané – Kickin it
03 Stephan Georg / David Reece – Valley Of The Knights
04 Stephan Georg / Manouca – Eternal Love
05 Stephan Georg / Uwe Köhler – Hot As Fire
06 Stephan Georg / Lisa Mann – Lonley Flower
07 Stephan Georg / Chris Holmes / Martin Brendler – Beast Inside
08 Stephan Georg / David Reece – Sunrise Avenue
09 Stephan Georg / Chris Richter / Hans Ziller – Words Of Evil
10 Stephan Georg / Bianca Kaup – Carries Calling
11 Stephan Georg / Bianca Kaup / Lydia Pané – Zero Tolerance



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