MASSIVE WAGONS – Full Nelson +2 [2021 reissue]

MASSIVE WAGONS - Full Nelson +2 [2021 reissue] full

While preparing / recording their new album, English classic hard rockers MASSIVE WAGONS and their label Earache Records are re-releasing then band’s fourth album “Full Nelson“, including two new tracks into the tracklist.
For many the best album from the band, “Full Nelson” is a double-barrelled rock‘n’roll assault on the senses: visceral, direct, original, and heartfelt. Fresh, alive and with a lingering bite, Massive Wagons raised the bar on their previous releases and with ”Full Nelson” they produce the calling card that may well be remembered as marking their arrival into the music mainstream.

‘Under No Illusion’ opens the album – a song that had the tough job of announcing Massive Wagons’ return after the huge success of their previous release. The song is, in its own right, a classic rock anthem for the modern age.
The following songs ‘China Plates’ and ‘Billy Balloon Head’ to me really personify the magic of the new album. Musically exciting, lyrically great fun – songs that really capture the excitement of a band on the rise and comfortable with who they are and what they are about.
In these songs Massive Wagons prove that their ability to write great radio songs was no fluke. In fact they have taken the winning formula further and are now crafting songs that could only be their own.
Think Bowie, think Queen, think Quo, think Billy Joel – whatever one’s musical taste, the art form of creating an unmistakable signature sound is important for being relatively rare. And Wagons deliver here in spades.

A song like ‘Back To The Stack’ confirms the band’s knack for writing fantastic pop-rock songs done the heavy rock way – and pop song referred to here as a compliment.
With both ‘Sunshine Smile’ (a kick ass hard rocker) and ‘Robot’ (a heavy vintage rocker ptoduced by famed Black Sabbath and Judas Priest producer/engineer Mike Exeter) the band gives a nod to its varied and eclectic musical influences, songs that are cleverly crafted and combine well Barry Mill’s talent for original lyrics and Adam Thistlethwaite’s keen eye for melody and songcraft.
A powerful writing combination and based on the material on “Full Nelson” the band has raised its game in every department.

One of the standout album track for me is ‘Northern Boy.’ For those fans that fondly remember the complete change of direction that ‘The Day We Fell’ delivered on the last Wagons album, this song takes the mood and heart of the album into a new place.
This acoustically driven tune – which I found similar to some Thunder – is a perfect balance to the bouncy feel-good party tunes, here’s a song that showcases the band’s ability for rolling up their sleeves and writing a song of real depth and poignancy. Great electric solo as well.

‘Hate Me’ is driven by a sticky riff in a classic rock vein but at the chorus the song turns pop-stastic.
Next, on ‘Last on the List’, Massive Wagons pay homage to classic UK rock with this some kind glammy rocker with some Girl (Phil Collen) on it, even Mott The Hople but heavier.
The run of new songs closes with ‘Ballad of Verdun Hayes’ – a real story on a real hero from a band in touch with their community. It’s a catchy rocker, complete with cowbell.

On “Full Nelson” Massive Wagons combine classic rock / hard rock sounds & style with power pop melodies like no other. If you are looking for a band to party to, to jump up and down to, to listen when you are alone, to listen with friends and basically mean something this, the album and band, is for you.
Get on it – Highly Recommended


01 – Under No Illusion
02 – China Plates
03 – Billy Balloon Head
04 – Sunshine Smile
05 – Northern Boy
06 – Robot (Trust in Me)
07 – Back to the Stack
08 – Hate Me
09 – Last on the List
10 – Ballad of Verdun Hayes
11 – Death or Glory (New Track)
12 – Scorpion (New Track)

Baz Mills – Vocals
Adam Thistlethwaite – Guitar
Stevie Holl – Guitar
Bowz Bouskill – Bass
Alex Thistlethwaite – Drums



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