TANIA KIKIDI – Rock & Roll Paradise (2021)

TANIA KIKIDI - Rock & Roll Paradise (2021) full

Born & raised in beautiful seaside place called New Artaki, Evia Island in Greece, TANIA KIKIDI is one of the most renowned female vocalists in her country. With her vocal flexibility she has sung / recorded many different styles of music, including: Pop, Jazz, Rock, Hard & Heavy, even Traditional Greek Music.
But she’s a rocker, with several solo albums released, and now’s the time for her new CD titled “Rock & Roll Paradise“, with songs co-written by talented guitarist Stavros Papadopoulos who also produces.
And let me tell you this is one of the best female fronted pure hard rock albums we heard in a long long, time. With ’80s inspired riffs and a punchy rhythm section, KIKIDI soars all over these killer 12 tracks.

Tania Kikidi is an amazing, accomplished vocalist; a sexy hard rockin’ Greek metal queen who was born to rock. Her vocal passion rides high with precision, power & melody and a range that reaches for the sky.
On “Rock & Roll Paradise”, her crowning musical achievement to date, she rides the tiger and tames the beast with her superb vocal talents.

Stavros Papadopulos is a prolific modern day guitar hero, a legit six string riff-master who is all about the R.O.C.K. having performed with many local bands like Super Vintage, Revolution Highway, Hard Driver, and supporting international artists. Stavros plays guitar, wrote all the songs and produced this excellent disc achieving true musical greatness with this ultra classic hard rocker.

“Rock & Roll Paradise” is a superb, impressive display of world-class female-fronted hard rock beauty that is a must listen to fans of Lee Aaron, Karen Lawrence (1994), Doro, Saraya, among many others.
HIGHLY Recommended


01 – Rock & Roll Paradise
02 – Queen Rider
03 – Freedom Highway
04 – Night Burner
05 – Daughter of the Wind
06 – Walkin’ on Badlands
07 – In the Eye of the Storm
08 – Feel My Soul Rockin’
09 – You Keep Me True
10 – Save Me
11 – Escape
12 – The Last Goodbye

Tania Kikidi: lead and backing vocals, drums
Stavros Papadopoulos: guitars, bass, producer
Spiros Ligonis: drums
Sakis Tassis: bass, piano
Antonis Panagopoulos – guest solo
Antonis Vogiatzoglou – guest solo



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