REECE – Resilient Heart (2018)

REECE - Resilient Heart (2018) full

Vocalist, songwriter and former Accept / Bonfire frontman, David REECE, will be releasing his long awaited new solo album worldwide through Mighty Music in November 9. Titled “Resilient Heart” the new LP, rich on full blown hard rock melodic metal, will be the follow up album from his latest solo album Compromise released in 2013.

“Resilient Heart” is a wide album containing all of different elements within heavy rock and melodic metal with a progressive touch on a couple of songs. It’s classic sounding yet with a modern production.
Among my favorites there’s ‘Anytime At All’, a hard rocker with a touch of Coverdale / Whitesnake inspiration. A song with a powerful riff and a strong verse leading up to a bombastic sing-a-long chorus.

Also the catchy ‘Wicked City Blues’, which title says all, the riff-driven ‘Desire’ rocks with a very melodious and enjoyable bounce, and ‘Forest Through the Trees’ is really good metal ballad (some Magnum meets Scorpions on it).

A song like “A Perfect Apocalypse” is where the progressive and more elaborated arrangements appear. Read ‘progressive’ in a early Magnum meets Iron Maiden way with a thick riff and darker melodies.
Midtempo ‘I Don’t Know Why’ is really interesting, with clean guitars in its calmer moments recalling ’90s Queensryche.

Near the end of the album, ‘Heart of Stone’ is a another fav of mine, a bluesy hard rocker with an early ’80s British feel, again Whitesnake, or better SnakeCharmer is the right reference.

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Recommended by Mike Tramp, Reece recorded “Resilient Heart” in Denmark with local musicians including super-talented guitarist Martin J. Andersen.
It’s very strong album, varied, well recorded, and Reece still got that raspy / power melodic vocals in good form.
Highly Recommended

01 – Any Time at All
02 – Wicked City Blues
03 – Karma
04 – Desire
05 – I Don’t Know Why
06 – Two Coins and a Dead Man
07 – Ain’t Got the Balls
08 – Forest Through the Trees
09 – A Perfect Apocalypse
10 – Live Before You Die
11 – I’m the One
12 – Heart of Stone
13 – What About Yesterday

David Reece (vocals)
Marco Angioni (guitar)
Martin J. Andersen (guitar)
Malte Frederik Burkert (bass)
Sigurd J. Jensen (drums)


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