TED NUGENT – The Music Made Me Do It (2018)

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TED NUGENT will release his new studio album, “The Music Made Me Do It”, on November 9. The follow-up to 2014’s “Shutup & Jam” features Nugent alongside longtime touring bassist Greg Smith, drummer Jason Hartless and Michael Lutz.

You may disagree with Nugent’s political comments but what matters here is music, and Gonzo has carved a permanent place in rock & roll history.
From the ground breaking Amboy Dukes’ hit “Journey to the Center of the Mind,” to classics like “Stranglehold” and “Cat Scratch Fever,”, or his commercial success with Damn Yankees, the man rocked the US and the world for almost fifty years.
“The Music Made Me Do It”, he says, an it’s the title of the new album, which, indeed, rocks.

The crazy, punchy and funnily titled “BigFunDirtyGrooveNoize” really sums up Ted’s musically career in five words. It’s rock n’ roll, frenzied, full of guitar licks.
More serious are the catchy title track, and the bluesy ‘Where Ya Gonna Run to Get Away from Yourself’ which bring to mind the sound and style Great White.

‘Cocked, Locked & Ready to Rock’ kills with a hard rock groove with its certain ’70s feel, as wel as the dirty ‘n greasy ‘Backstrap Fever’, and while there’s silly lyrics on ‘I Just Wanna Go Huntin’, the song rock fine with some Night Ranger on it.
Ted does a new version of “Fred Bear” (The American Hunter’s Theme Song) with acoustics, and it’s cool.

“The Music Made Me Do It” is all classic Nugent: classic guitar-driven US rock n’ roll, lots of riffs, some fun, and that Seventies atmosphere, particularly augmented in closing track ‘Sunrize’ resembling his hit ‘Stranglehold’
Highly Recommended

01 – The Music Made Me Do It
02 – Where Ya Gonna Run to Get Away from Yourself
03 – Cocked, Locked & Ready to Rock
04 – Bigfundirtygroovenoize
05 – I Love Ya Too Much Baby
06 – Backstrap Fever
07 – I Just Wanna Go Huntin
08 – Fred Bear
09 – Sunrize
10 – Sunrize Fender (Fender Bass VI Solo)

Ted Nugent – vocals, guitars
Greg Smith – bass
Jason Hartless, Michael Lutz – drums


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