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TED NUGENT – Detroit Muscle (2022)

For those with “Cat Scratch Fever,” here is your cat scratch medicine. That’s right, the outspoken and controversial rocker TED NUGENT will release his new album ”Detroit Muscle” set to drop on April 29.
We don’t care about Nugent’s political side but music, and ”Detroit Muscle”, produced by Michael Lutz and Nugent, rocks with classy guitars and foot-tapping riffs.
With song titles such as ‘Detroit Muscle’, ‘Born in the MotorCity’, ‘Drivin’ Blind’, ‘Leave the Lights On’, etc you know what to expect, and that’s thirty-four minutes of entertaining rock n’ roll…

ST. PARADISE – St. Paradise [Rock Candy Remastered & Reloaded]

Regarded as a cult classic, ST. PARADISE‘s sole self-titled album has been freshly remastered by Rock Candy Records. This is a classic rock / traditional hard rock record yet plenty of melody criminally overlooked when originally released and one deserving a reissue.
Indeed, St. Pardise were a power trio that barely registered on the radar, despite the members’ impressive musical accomplishments, that were very much in keeping with the late 70s hard rock zeitgeist.
It was, in all fairness, a strange state of affairs that belied the quality of the music and drew attention to the fast shifting sands and volatile nature of the music business.
When originally released, “St. Pardise” underperformed despite its impressive content and potential to impress. Over the years the LP become a collectors piece, much sought after by classic hard rock fans, especially Ted Nugent / Derek St. Holmes / Montrose fans…

DAMN YANKEES – Uprising Live! [Japan LaserDisc 0dayrox rip]

After the new DAMN YANKEES remastered releases and Shaw / Blades albums featured here, it was requested the Yankees’ only official live show released: “Uprising Live” never was released on CD audio, only on VHS, LaserDisc and later DVD.
We have taken the audio files from the Japanese-only LaserDisc (remember those?) and edited the tracks (no audio / sound tweaks) for you listening pleasure.
DAMN YANKEES was an amazing melodic hard rock machine, and performing live they show all their potential and power.
All their hits are here; ‘Come Again’, ‘High Enough’, ‘Coming Of Age’, plus a Styx, Night Ranger and Ted Nugent covers.
Only at 0dayrox

DAMN YANKEES – Don’t Tread +2 [Rock Candy Remastered] (2020) *EXCLUSIVE*

Yes, it’s one of our favorite Melodic Hard Rock album ever. And we are presenting it in exclusive at 0dayrox the fresh Rock Candy Remastered & Reloaded version of DAMN YANKEES second and final album “Don’t Tread“, including 2 bonus tracks.
Yes, we love Damn Yankees self-titled debut album, but on “Don’t Tread” the supergroup comprising guitar hero Ted Nugent, former Styx vocalist / guitarist Tommy Shaw, Night Ranger bassist Jack Blades and drummer Michael Cartellone, perfected their songwriting and melodic delivery making this record a true gem for the genre.
Only at 0dayrox

DAMN YANKEES – Damn Yankees +1 [Rock Candy remastered]

Easily in our Top-50 rank of the best US Melodic Hard Rock records of all time, the self-titled debut by DAMN YANKEES still sounds awesome today, even better on this crisp remaster done by Rock Candy Records including a bonus track.
Super Groups come and go; often in an initial blaze of glory and then more often than not disappear in a puff of smoke due to a half-assed work ethic and the sound of clashing egos.
This was not the case with Damn Yankees, a veritable smorggersboard of prime time American musical hard rock talent: Ted Nugent, Tommy Shaw (Styx), Jack Blades (Night Ranger) and drummer Michael Cartellone.

TED NUGENT – Cat Scratch Fever +2 [Japan Guitar Legend Series Ltd. Pressing remastered] (2018) *EXCLUSIVE*

And this is without a doubt TED NUGENT‘s most famous – and one of his best – albums. “Cat Scratch Fever“, here in the recent Japan Guitar Legend Series/ Limited Pressing, freshly remastered. With “Cat Scratch Fever” Nugent hit his commercial stride, and quickly became a first-rate rock ‘n roll classic. Despite of being at the time one of the...

TED NUGENT (feat Meat Loaf) – Free For All [HNE / Cherry Red Remastered Expanded Edition] *EXCLUSIVE*

More classic TED NUGENT with this “Free-For-All” digitally remastered and expanded edition done by Hear No Evil / Cherry Red Records specialists. “Free-For-All” was the second solo album from the gun-totin’, rottin’ tootin’, self-styled Motor City Madman, the inimitable Ted Nugent, and his first platinum release, hitting the US Top 30 and UK Top 40 upon its release in 1976....

TED NUGENT – Ted Nugent +4 [Japan Limited Pressing remastered] (2018) *EXCLUSIVE*

More requested TED NUGENT, here’s the iconic self-titled debut as solo artist in its recent Japanese Limited Edition (already out of print), remastered and including bonus tracks. “If it’s too loud, you’re too old!” declared the Nuge, as he destroyed eardrums across the globe on this, his solo debut. And it more than lived up to expectations. After carving out...

TED NUGENT – Weekend Warriors [Rock Candy Remastered]

Also requested here’s the not easy to find Rock Candy Records remaster of “Weekend Warriors“, TED NUGENT‘s explosive album. Issued in 1978, hot on the heels of the ground breaking live album Double Live Gonzo!, Nugent was out to take few prisoners but plenty of scalps. “Weekend Warriors” is an album that solidified Nugent’s reputation as not only one of...

TED NUGENT – Double Live Gonzo! [Rock Candy remastered]

Regarded as one of the greatest Hard Rock live albums of all time, TED NUGENT‘s “Double Live Gonzo!” is a classic, requested here in its Rock Candy remastered version, not so easy to find. Simply put, this is one of the most electrifying records you’ll ever hear. “Double Live Gonzo!” is one of those incredible ’70s cornerstone live albums that...

TED NUGENT – Scream Dream [Rock Candy Remastered] *EXCLUSIVE*

Another request here, the increasingly hard to find Rock Candy Remastered version of TED NUGENT‘s “Scream Dream“, one of the few releases from the reissue label in a slipcase.
“Scream Dream” is a solid effort for the Motor City Madman, probably the definitive release from the post-Double Live Gonzo period. It also came out at an opportune time, catching the upswing of the early Eighties metal movement.
The signature “Wango Tango” dominated the airwaves that 1980’s summer. American hard rock didn’t get much better than Ted Nugent at his peak.
This remaster sounds clean, free of hiss, retaining the original LP harmonics.

TED NUGENT (feat Brian Howe) – Penetrator [digitally remastered] Out Of Print

Back in the first half of the ’80s MTV ignored Seventies arena rockers like TED NUGENT, so it was time for a change. For this “Penetrator” (originally released January 1984), Nugent and his label decided to fully embrace the commercial hard rock from the era, adding keyboards into the mix and sporting a glossy production.
External songwriters were used, like AOR guru Clif Magness, renowned Andy Fraser and Robin George, and the entire line-up was changed with the Billy Squire’s back up band, plus at the time quite unknown English singer Brian Howe (RIP) to provide his melodic yet powerful pipes.
Requested by one of you, this remastered version of “Penetrator” is out of print now, being sold for over U$S 900 (!) at Amazon.

DAMN YANKEES – The Complete Warner Bros. Albums (2019)

Based in Stockholm, Sweden with a branch in Manhattan, New York, X5 Music Group is a label that primarily licenses pre-existing music for compilation albums. They have arranged with Warner Music Group for the release of DAMN YANKEES music, long time out of print in Europe. This is the just released “The Complete Warner Bros. Albums”. “The Complete Warner Bros....

TED NUGENT – The Music Made Me Do It (2018)

TED NUGENT will release his new studio album, “The Music Made Me Do It”, on November 9. The follow-up to 2014’s “Shutup & Jam” features Nugent alongside longtime touring bassist Greg Smith, drummer Jason Hartless and Michael Lutz. You may disagree with Nugent’s political comments but what matters here is music, and Gonzo has carved a permanent place in rock...