DAMN YANKEES – The Complete Warner Bros. Albums (2019)

DAMN YANKEES - The Complete Warner Bros. Albums (2019) full

Based in Stockholm, Sweden with a branch in Manhattan, New York, X5 Music Group is a label that primarily licenses pre-existing music for compilation albums. They have arranged with Warner Music Group for the release of DAMN YANKEES music, long time out of print in Europe. This is the just released “The Complete Warner Bros. Albums”.

“The Complete Warner Bros. Albums” comprises both DAMN YANKEES albums optimized for iPod.
While Damn Yankees self titled debut was reissued by Rock Candy Records some time ago, many listeners prefer non-remastered versions of their favorite albums.
The problem is the low signal output from original ’80s / early 90s physical CD’s when you want to rip them for the iPod. Kinda ‘flat’.
All tracks in “The Complete Warner Bros. Albums” have been tweaked / optimized for it.

While the original sound remains untouched, the files here have the proper gain for digital players.
If you wish to compare how the band’s first album ‘Damn Yankees’ here with the remastered version, check out the Rock Candy Records release HERE.

DAMN YANKEES - The Complete Warner Bros. Albums (2019) inside

I love Damn Yankees, late ’80s early ’90s American Melodic Hard Rock at its best.
These albums are musthaves in your collection

Damn Yankees:
01 – Coming of Age
02 – Bad Reputation
03 – Runaway
04 – High Enough
05 – Damn Yankees
06 – Come Again
07 – Mystified
08 – Rock City
09 – Tell Me How You Want It
10 – Piledriver

Don’t Tread:
01 – Don’t Tread On Me
02 – Fifteen Minutes of Fame
03 – Where You Goin’ Now
04 – Dirty Dog
05 – Mister Please
06 – Silence Is Broken
07 – Firefly
08 – Someone to Believe
09 – This Side of Hell
10 – Double Coyote
11 – Uprising

Tommy Shaw – guitars, lead & backing vocals
Jack Blades – bass guitar, lead & backing vocals
Ted Nugent – guitars, backing & lead vocals
Michael Cartellone – drums, percussion, backing vocals


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