YOUNG TURK – Tired Of Laughing – The Lost Geffen Tapes [digitally remastered] (2021)

YOUNG TURK - Tired Of Laughing - The Lost Geffen Tapes (2021) full

Regarded as one of the hottest ’80s melodic hard rock bands from the Florida area, YOUNG TURK were victims of their own mistakes in not reaching stardom. “Tired Of Laughing” is the band’s third album, ready to be released in 1991 by major label Geffen. But few months before three band members got arrested and the incident sealed their fate.
While “Tired Of Laughing” was anyway put out by the band themselves as promotion, the album never was properly released. Now FnA Records is releasing “Tired Of Laughing – The Lost Geffen Tapes” on CD for the first time, remastered.
Produced by Carl Canedy, “Tired Of Laughing” sound is more according to times – US Rock 1991 – with a more traditional hard rock approach than the glammy / hair metal delivery of their previous recording ‘Train To Nowhere’ (also remastered by FnA and featured at 0dayrox)

During their decade together, the members of Young Turk often lived communally, sharing houses in North Miami Beach, Pennsylvania, New York, and even Mississippi.
After an EP and their first full length ‘Train To Nowhere’, Young Turk – a funny band name btw, taken from a group of ruffians in Europe back in the day – recorded this follow up “Tired of Laughing”. When completed they went on a U.S. tour to promote its impending release.
There was when a Geffen Records employee saw the band and offered a deal. In a few weeks Young Turk would sign their major label contract.

After a show in Wisconsin they went back to their motel and partied with fans, including a teenage girl who engaged in sex with some of the band members. Under Wisconsin law, that’s considered ‘assault of a minor’.
So an over-zealous young lady who enjoyed rock n’ roll lifestyle as groupie jumping from bed to bed would inevitably forever redirect the band’s bands career.
“The folks at Geffen told us the record was great, but after that incident they put a freeze on it and it never came out”, said vocalist Rhett O’Neil. The band would release an album later on Virgin Records, but at the time their musical style considerable changed.

Young Turk released by themselves a limited edition of ”Tired Of Laughing” on cassette only. Now we can hear those lost recordings with a remastered sound.
Highly Recommended


01 – Long Ago & Far Away
02 – Death Of A Salesman
03 – Somewhere In The Middle
04 – For No One In Particular
05 – Who’s Gonna Stop The Rain
06 – Memories Of May
07 – Disinauguration Day
08 – Tired Of Laughing
09 – A Little Sympathy
10 – Do You Have Ambition
11 – Love Me Like A Suicide
12 – I Don’t Mind

Rhett O’Neil – Vocals
Eddie Oliva – Guitar
Michael Alexander – Guitar
Billy McKelvy – Bass
Rick Diaz – Drums



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