TED NUGENT – Detroit Muscle (2022)

TED NUGENT - Detroit Muscle (2022) full

For those with “Cat Scratch Fever,” here is your cat scratch medicine. That’s right, the outspoken and controversial rocker TED NUGENT will release his new album ”Detroit Muscle” set to drop on April 29.
We don’t care about Nugent’s political side but music, and ”Detroit Muscle”, produced by Michael Lutz and Nugent, rocks with classy guitars and foot-tapping riffs.
With song titles such as ‘Detroit Muscle’, ‘Born in the MotorCity’, ‘Drivin’ Blind’, ‘Leave the Lights On’, etc you know what to expect, and that’s thirty-four minutes of entertaining rock n’ roll.

01 – Detroit Muscle
02 – Come and Take It
03 – Born in the MotorCity
04 – American Campfire
05 – Drivin’ Blind
06 – Just Leave Me Alone
07 – Alaska
08 – WinterSpring SummerFall
09 – Leave the Lights On
10 – Feedback GrindFIRE
11 – Star Spangled Banner

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2 Responses

  1. ERRRRman says:

    Thanks A Bunch!

  2. melodified says:

    Welcome back Uncle Ted!

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